Drawer app now ‘Ask Drawer’ chatbot, what are the features?

Nepal’s leading e-commerce platform Daraz has launched an AI-powered chatbot ‘Ask Daraz’ to simplify the shopping experience for its customers.


The latest integration of Microsoft Azure Open AI services has been announced in Daraz. OpenAI’s chatbot Chat GPT-powered Ask Drawer allows users to have natural conversations with AI chatbots and makes the entire shopping process easier and faster, the company said.

Ask Daraz will analyze the customer’s specific needs and recommend products based on that. It will clarify the information between offline and online shopping by providing superior experiences to customers.

Brands and sellers on the Daraz platform can also benefit from Ask Daraz. Ask Drawer helps increase product visibility and reach new audiences

As the number of user interactions increases, Daraz will continue to optimize the AI, thereby improving customer service. Speaking about this, Daraz Chief Executive Officer BRK Mikkelsen said that technology is being used to expand the market.

“Due to the increasing use of smartphones in the market, we have brought new features to the app,” he said, “by taking advantage of Microsoft’s Accure Open AI service, Ask Drawer will bring more users closer and make the shopping experience easier.”

Daraz Nepal deals in electronics, beauty, fashion, health and many other products online. With a network of over 18000 sellers, 1.5 million active app users and an impressive coverage of 108 cities across the country, Daraz Nepal has rapidly changed the e-commerce landscape.

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