Why do you need a zip file? How can it be made?

With the help of zip file, you can compress and convert large size files into smaller size. It can compress files by 40 to 70 percent.

The extension of a ZIP file is usually dot-zip, with the help of which you can compress multiple files in one place. You can share it with anyone over the internet.

Also, if the size of a file is larger than the size that can be sent via email, it can be easily converted to a zip file and attached to an email.

Its biggest feature is that you can create a zip file by keeping multiple types of files like audio, video, image, software document etc. in one folder. So that all files can be shared simultaneously with anyone.

Apart from this, a password can also be set to protect the zip file. Then other users will not be able to access the zip file without entering that password.

How does a zip file work?

It combines multiple files into one box, i.e., creates a container out of them and reduces its size as much as possible. For example, if there is a file of 10 MB, it reduces it to 2-3 MB.

It can compress any file up to 90 percent. When you convert any file to ZIP, this compression program scans all these files.

It compresses information into smaller pieces. When you unzip these files, all these files come back in the same format.

How many types of zip files are there?

There are many types of ZIP files, one of which is the most commonly used. Jeep and apart from this there are others like – RAR, RTJ, TAR, AGG, BZ etc. Its list is very large.

How to make a zip file?

If you want to create a zip file for yourself, this task is very easy. Zip file can be created from computer and Android device. If you are starting to create a zip file from a computer WinRAR Download the software.

Then choose the file to zip and put all the files in one folder. Then select the folder and right click. After doing this, you can create a RAR or ZIP file by clicking on Add to Archive.

If you want to create a zip file from your phone, you will find many apps for that in the Google Play Store. You can create a zip file with the help of apps like WinZip, RAR, Easy Zip Unzip File Manager on mobile.

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