Driving license available only to those who go abroad

Driving license available only to those who go abroad

The printing of driver’s license (smart license) has been stopped due to the failure of the Department of Transport Management to work on time. Work has stopped due to lack of print card.

The department, which has been delaying the tender process, has shut down the machine after the print card ran out. Licenses are provided only to those who are most in need.

The number of service recipients who have been given license renewal and are waiting for a new license is seven lakh. They have paid the revenue but have not received the service.

For the past six years, the department has not been able to distribute licenses as per the demand. The department has not been able to work since the implementation of smart license in 2072 BS.

The service recipients who have passed the examination are obliged to wait for the license for two years. The department has not been able to solve the problem of remaining license to print after operating the printer in three shifts.

Saroj Sitaula, General Secretary of the National Federation of Nepali Transport Entrepreneurs, said, Our plants are in the clutches of the middlemen. ‘

Department spokesperson Dr. Loknath Bhusal said that 1.4 million cards were being brought from France as soon as possible. We have already seen the sample card. It will come in two months at most. ‘

exam open

The department has opened the license examination in the Kathmandu Valley from Sunday. According to the department, the trial of the new license, which has been closed since April 29, has been reopened as the impact of the Corona epidemic is diminishing.

You can apply for a new license online. Department spokesperson Dr. According to Bhusal, the transport offices have to publish the information seven days before opening the license application or taking the exam. The department has stated that the test should be conducted by adopting the health safety standards of the corona epidemic.


The distribution of embossed number plates has not been effective in monitoring the complete details of vehicles through digital system. Even though it was reopened on July 20, 2077, the number of people coming to keep the number plate is low.

Ram Sharan Poudel, technical director of the department, said, “It has been running smoothly since 2077 BS. Corona has not been made mandatory due to the epidemic. It has not been effective until it is made mandatory.

According to him, the department has planned to make it mandatory from next September. Embossed number plates are being made mandatory for registration, renewal and name transfer of Bagmati vehicles from September. The department has recently extended the agreement.

The department had started distributing embossed number plates on September 20, 2074 BS. However, the distribution was stopped after the Supreme Court issued an interim order not to use embossed number plates on the vehicles immediately. The same writ was rejected by the Supreme Court on November 12, 2008. Gorkhapatra


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