Facebook has been providing अर्ब 1 billion to content creators since 2022

Facebook has been providing अर्ब 1 billion to content creators since 2022

From next year, Facebook will provide आगामी 1 billion to help content creators make a good living.

Facebook used to reward content creators from time to time and now the company says it will invest in content creators.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote on his official Facebook page that the money is a reward for content creators.

He also mentioned on Facebook that such money will be made available to creators who use different products of the company in different ways.

For this, the company is making new programs to be implemented in 2022, Zuckerberg said. Facebook has also said that it will give money to the creators who are making viewers by sharing content recently.

Facebook will have a bonus section on Instagram and Facebook that will guide who can fill out the application and how.

Creators will receive this kind of reward if Facebook places ads on Creator’s videos or achieves certain goals in live streaming. This new opportunity will be available on Facebook as well as Instagram and IG TV and Reels.

Facebook is currently providing this type of money only on the basis of invitations. Recently, apps like TickTack and Snapchat have also said that they will provide money to the creators. Due to this amount, Facebook expects the creators to attract the attention of the creators from the apps with content like YouTube, Substack, Twitch and Tiktak.

Rather than focusing on a single product, the company will provide this type of bonus as a bonus based on a variety of activities and goals.

The company has said that the income of creators will not be taken from 2022. In this way, creators can still earn money and share content with the app.


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