Conducting double degree course of BIT, KU, 2 years in Nepal and 2 years in Australia

Kathmandu University is going to conduct a double degree of Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT). For this, an agreement has been signed between the university and the Australian Crown Institute of Higher Education.

The four-year double degree BIT course can be studied for the first 2 years at Kathmandu University and the remaining 2 years at the Crown Institute of Higher Education in Australia. A maximum of 30 students will be admitted for this course. Students interested in taking admission to the BIT course should have studied science in class 12th and obtained a minimum 50% or 2.0 CGPA in the final result.

The application deadline for admission is February 7. Kathmandu University will provide a full scholarship to one person who gets the best marks in the entrance exam. According to the university, 50% scholarship will be available for the second and 25% scholarship for the third.

Apart from this, the university says that the Crown Institute of Higher Education of Australia provides up to 50% scholarships. Students will be able to continue their third-year and fourth-year studies in Nepal or if they do not get an Australian visa, they will be able to study Bachelor of Computer Science or AI at the University of Kathmandu without any hassle from the same year.

But if more than 50 per cent of students face such a challenge, the university has said that it will conduct the BIT course itself for the remaining 2 years.

Although the tuition fee for the double degree BIT course is fixed at 9,000 Australian dollars per semester, the Crown Institute will be available at a discounted price of 7,200 Australian dollars. For the first 2 years, Kathmandu University will charge the same fee as for Bachelor of Computer Science.


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