From our gifts, fast food from KFC and Pizza Hut can be ordered from abroad

Our Gifts has collaborated with Devyani International Nepal by expanding the service across Nepal and making the service of sending gifts to their relatives more reliable and more reliable.


It has expanded the service for Nepalis scattered around the world to send gifts to their loved ones in Nepal. Devyani International Nepal has been operating KFC and Pizza Hut fast foods in Nepal.

According to this process, Devyani International Nepal and our gift have signed a memorandum of understanding with the aim of establishing a mutually beneficial working relationship.

After this partnership, Nepalis living abroad will be able to send KFC and Pizza Hut dishes to their loved ones through our gift network. It is believed that through this partnership, Nepali citizens living abroad will be closer to their loved ones in Nepal.

Rituraj Shah, Chief Financial Officer of Byhora Devyani International Nepal, said that this platform will strengthen the physical distance between people living outside Nepal and their relatives.

“This collaboration will create an environment of greater joy for our customers by ensuring us fast and reliable delivery services and this strategic alliance will strengthen our position in the market and strengthen our commitment to serve the Nepali community globally,” said Manishaman Maharjan, Director of Our Gifts.

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