Granth EV’s electric scooter was released with an attractive design, how much is the price?

Granth Electric Vehicle Pvt Ltd has launched an electric scooter in the Nepali market. Granth EV doing an event on Saturday in 2 medals in FD brand The electric scooter has been released.


The company has launched 2 electric scooters of F5 and F5A models. Sujan Dhungel, founder and CEO of Granth EV, said that they have come up with an electric scooter suitable for the soil of Nepal.

The design of the scooter is attractive. The design of the scooter can easily attract anyone. The company has prepared to assemble electric scooters in Nepal.

The scooter that was released on Saturday was assembled in China. Although assembled in China, the design was done by Granth EV. Necessary goods are also supplied by the company itself.

Jivan Shretri, chief operating officer of Granth EV, informed that the scooter was designed by an Italian engineer.

At present, the scooter has been assembled by buying goods from different countries. But now gradually the company is preparing to use materials that can be produced in Nepal. Granth EV has collaborated with National Innovation Center for that.

According to Dhungel, Granth EV scooters are cheaper and better than other electric scooters available in the market. The company said that it will never compromise on quality and will try to make the scooter even cheaper.

Features and Price

16 inch and 14 inch tires are used on the scooter. Side drive motor is used in these two electric scooters. Due to this motor, the scooter can be easily rolled up and down. Also, the company claims that it will have good and powerful performance.

A lithium ferro phosphate battery has been used in the scooter. The best in batteries is lithium phosphate. In addition, the battery kept in it will give more range.

The F5 model has a 60 volt 30 Ah battery, while the F5 A uses a 60 volt 45 amp battery.

There is a warranty of 3 years on the battery and 2 years on the motor. The scooter will be fully charged in four and a half hours. After charging once, the F5 will give a range of 70-90 km and the F5 A will give a range of 90-110 km.

Battery brake regenerated system has been used in both the scooters. Due to this, the energy spent when braking comes back to the battery and recharges it, which will give more range. Fast charger technology has also been placed in the scooter. Both scooters can also be equipped with a bus communication controller, which will show all the information in one place.

The price of F5 model has been set at 248,999 rupees, while the price of F5A has been set at 289,999 rupees. The company has also opened the booking. Scooter booking can be done by contacting the company.

On the occasion of the launch of the scooter, the company has also brought an offer. Under this, the company will give cash equivalent to the electricity bill based on the kilometers traveled by the scooter. Also, these scooters can be bought in installments.

If the government gives any discount on electric scooters, the customers who buy now will also get money back on the basis of averaging.

In addition to this, Granth EV said that Mahavir Pun’s National Innovation Center will give 500 rupees from every scooter sold under corporate social responsibility.

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