Here it is, the first music video made by OpenAI's Sora

Kathmandu. A few months ago, when OpenAI released the text to video tool Sora, a kind of wave was created. So far, OpenAI has not made Sora available to everyone because the tool's capabilities can be used for wrong purposes.

However, the company is collaborating with various creators to use the tool. At the same time, some of the videos released have gained a lot of attention. Recently, a music video made using this tool has been released.

American singer Washed Out used Sora to make a music video called 'The Hardest Part'. It was created by Singer Washed Out from OpenAI's Sora First official music video He said it happened.

This is not the first time that a music video has been made using Sora. Earlier, independent musician August Camp had also made a music video in collaboration with OpenAI. But the first music video made by a professional artist by paying money to OpenAI is 'The Hardest Part'.

The director of this video is Paul Trillo. He had earlier made a music video in collaboration with OpenAI. He said that he came up with the idea of ​​this music video 10 years ago, but left it as he could not make it. But he says that it came to life only after the Sora AI tool came. This AI-generated video shows scenes of a high school entering something like a tunnel.

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