King’s College and Nami partner to run ‘AI Education Programme’

King’s College in Kathmandu and Nepal Applied Mathematics and Informatics Institute for Research have jointly announced to conduct an educational course on artificial intelligence.


King’s College, which prioritizes the study and teaching of information technology along with entrepreneurship, and Nami, a scientific research institute whose priority is to bring AI education to everyone, have signed a partnership agreement today and said that they will soon conduct a 6-month class under the AI ​​educational curriculum.

It is said that in the future, in collaboration with these two organizations, educational programs will be conducted by developing various specific and integrated courses related to artificial intelligence.

King’s College and NAMI have joined hands to design and deliver high quality educational programs to meet the unique needs of individuals and organizations.

Although the first phase of the program is aimed at people working in information technology and engineering, the college has informed that anyone who is interested in the field of artificial intelligence can participate in this educational teaching program. However, those who want to participate in this program must know Python programming.

Narottam Aryal, President of King’s College, highlighted the merits of the AI ​​educational program by saying, “We have partnered with NAMI for this educational program with the aim that Nepal can also take a leap in the field of artificial intelligence, which is developing as a mainstream trend in the world”.

In addition, he informed about the AI ​​educational program that King’s College, which has been using the latest in education by conducting new educational programs according to the needs of the society, has taken this step by absorbing the opportunity that can be brought by the use of AI in education.

In addition, the intention of this program is that students can achieve success in business as well as employment in the field of artificial intelligence.

“In the context of the rapid development of artificial intelligence in the global field, taking into account the fact that the interest and interest of the common people in this field is also increasing in Nepal, academic education will be provided with the direct involvement of AI experts who are teaching and researching in the world’s best laboratories and universities,” Dr. Nami’s founder and director said. Special Khanal informed.

“The aim of this educational program will be to prepare manpower in the country who can not only use AI but also create AI-based software that can compete in the global market,” he added.

It is believed that from this ‘AI educational program’ which is going to be conducted in partnership with King’s College and NAMI, practical and qualitative education will be developed through the latest technology in the education sector of Nepal and manpower who can compete in the global market will be prepared.

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