Money can be withdrawn from Jyoti Bikas Bank ATM without card

Jyoti Bikas Bank has launched cardless payment service so that money can be withdrawn from ATMs without a debit card.


According to the bank, under this facility, the customer can use the OTP code received through the bank’s mobile banking app and web browser to withdraw money easily and securely at the ATM machine.

Giving priority to digital banking, this development bank has extended this modern banking service in order to provide convenience to the customers.

According to the bank, this service can be used through the bank’s mobile banking app Jyoti Smart and web browser

Customers using the bank’s mobile banking facility can use this service to withdraw cash from all 75 ATMs of this Bikas Bank across the country.

To use this facility of the bank, Jyoti Smart users have to tap on the cardless withdrawal icon that appears after tapping on the payment icon inside the app and provide the requested details.

After that, you can go to Jyoti Bikas Bank’s ATM and select cardless transaction and withdraw your mobile number, the amount to be withdrawn (selected in the mobile banking app) and the amount you want to withdraw.

With the increase in the use of digital banking, the bank has emphasized to keep safe the password, PIN, OTP code and other confidential information required in the same process and to be aware against financial fraud.

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