What is Tor Browser? How does it work?

Tor is also known as The Onion Router. It is freely available for browsing which can be used by anyone.

You need to download and install it on your PC and it is also available for Android phones.

You can download Tor browser from playstore. It hides the IP address of your PC, that is, it hides the real address of the PC from others so that no one can track you.

To do this, it assigns a new IP address, with the help of which it hides and protects all information about what you are doing on the Internet, which websites you are visiting and what you are watching.

The most important thing is that it also allows you to view websites that are closed or blocked by the government.

How does Tor Browser work?

The concept of Tor Browser is very different. As you may have noticed that an onion has many layers, Tor Browser also works on the same concept as the layers of an onion. The Tor browser also has multiple layers of IP addresses, which help hide your identity.

When a user opens someone's website with the help of Tor browser, Tor hides his real identity, due to which the website administrator or owner cannot know the real identity. Because the browser changes the IP.

For example, the first IP is covered by the second IP, the second IP is covered by the third, and thus a series of IPs is formed, thereby hiding the identity.

This confuses the system and keeps the user's IP safe. And it is very difficult to track the user. Overall, by using Tor Browser you can protect your original IP and yourself from being tracked.

What kind of people use Tor Browser?

People who use the Tor browser include black hat hackers, gray hat hackers and white hat hackers and similar technical people who want to remain anonymous. IP stands for Internet Protocol which is your internet identity.

Through this, your identity can be known, what you are doing on the Internet, what is the location, who is the service provider and many other information is also obtained through it.

Just like you have an identity card for identification. Similarly, the Internet has an IP address, which identifies you. But this is where the work of the Tor browser begins. It helps to hide your real identity. Tor replaces the real IP with another IP.

Why is Tor Browser running slow?

The Tor browser uses multiple IPs, instead of connecting directly to its server, it adds a new IP on each connection. Then later it works.

The IP of the Tor browser passes through different countries and the site opens after completing the circuit through its relay, so it works very slowly, but your IP address remains safe.

Is Tor Browser illegal or legal to use?

From what you've read so far, all of this information might make you think that Tor Browser is illegal. The first thing is that you can hide the IP with the help of it.

But from the point of view of the law, there are many such apps in the Google Play Store, which help to hide the IP, which are called VPN. Therefore, it cannot be considered illegal, because Google itself does not prohibit such apps.

However, it depends on the user how he is using the Tor browser. If you want to hide your identity from others in order to use the Internet, it is not wrong. But if you hide your IP address and use Tor browser for any illegal work, then it is wrong and illegal.

For which you may be punished. If you do good work with the help of the browser and do not make mistakes, it is fine, but if you do something wrong with the help of it, if you are found to be violating the rules of the online internet, strict action will be taken.

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