Ncell Presents ‘Purple Kickoff’ – A Friendly Football Match

On the occasion of its 18th anniversary, Ncell Aziata Limited has organized a ‘Purple Kickoff’ friendly football match at Lanchaur Stadium in Kathmandu. Under this, four games were played on Saturday and Sunday.


As Ncell embarks on its new journey, these games are organized at the Seven A Side Football Stadium in line with the anniversary theme ‘We are here for you’ under the company’s brand promise ‘Today, tomorrow, forever together’. Ncell remains focused on its principles and is committed to provide continuous quality service for Nepal and Nepali people.

The participation of famous Nepali artists, veteran football players, young entrepreneurs, sports journalists and local youth club players in the purple kickoff made this event special.

The first friendly football match last Saturday (October 6) was between Ncell Team A and Nepali Youth Entrepreneurs Forum. Jabbor Kayumov, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Ncell, also played on behalf of the Ncell team. In this match, Ncell won by 1-0. Captain Prajwal Prajapati scored on behalf of Ncell.

Similarly, another interesting match on Saturday was between the team of veteran football players Anil Gurung and Viraj Maharjan. Various famous Nepali artists participated in both teams. The actors included Ayushman Joshi, James Pradhan, Jitu Nepal, Preska Udas, Ramon Das Shrestha, Sandeep Kshetri, Aman KC, Samridghi Rai, Trichu Rai and others. Anil Gurung’s team won the match with a margin of 5-4.

Similarly, the first match on Sunday (Oct 7) was played against Ncell Team B and Janavachanalaya and Library, Lanchaur Youth Club. In the match with Lanchaur Youth Club, the club won by a margin of 4-1. Similarly, on Sunday, the second match was played between Nepal Sports Journalist Forum and Ncell Team C. The Nepal Sports Journalist Forum under the leadership of coach Aman Adhikari won the match with a difference of 4-3 goals.

Other programs will also be organized on the occasion of the 18th anniversary under the theme ‘We are for you’. Such programs include health camps in areas with low human development index, blood donation and visits of celebrities to Ncell centers to interact with customers.

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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