Stakeholders stress the need to expand the digital economy in the Asia-Pacific region

Stakeholders stress the need to expand the digital economy in the Asia-Pacific region

He said the digital economy should be expanded in the Asia-Pacific region during the epidemic. This was stated by the stakeholders in a webinar organized by Huawei titled ‘Expanding the Digital Economy for Inclusive Integration in the Asia-Pacific – Connecting Digital Industries to the Epidemic’.

Indonesia’s ambassador to China H.A. In his keynote address, Dijuhari Ortmangun pointed out that a new digital economy is shaping the sector.

‘Digital transformation has been remarkably fast during the epidemic, which has accelerated the pace of business transformation,’ he said.

ASEAN predicts that the digital economy will contribute डलर 1 trillion to regional GDP. Dr. Lee Kuan Yew, assistant director of the ASEAN Secretariat, said social reform and regional integration were needed to enable the ecosystem of the digital economy.

Huawei Asia Pacific Vice President Jay Chenka said Huawei is committed to enabling ASEAN’s Digital Master Plan 2025 in three key areas: ICT connectivity, talent empowerment and ecosystem incubation.
The chairman of the Singapore National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation (SINCPEC), Dr. In the panel discussion, Tan Khi Giap emphasized the importance of social ideas to digitalize the economy.

Huawei has long been working to provide digital skills to everyone. Huawei has launched several programs to train one million people to empower the ICT sector in coordination with governments, universities, and non-governmental organizations.

Huawei is committed to working with ASEAN partners to enable the ASEAN Digital Master Plan 2025 and build a leading digital community and economic bloc.


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