The government has moved towards faceless governance: Communications Minister Sharma

The Minister of Communication and Information Technology Rekha Sharma has requested the mobile businessmen to cooperate in the implementation of the Mobile Device Management System (MDMS).


Minister Sharma said that the government is always ready to help in the interest of businessmen who help in the implementation of the system introduced to prevent tax evasion.

Addressing the second general meeting of the Nepal Mobile Business Federation in Lalitpur, Minister Sharma said, ‘Mobile phones have become an essential tool rather than a means of entertainment. The current government has moved towards faceless governance, embodying the hand-to-hand mobile, home-to-house Internet campaign brought when Krishna Bahadur Mahara was the Minister of Communications of the government formed after 2063.

Minister Sharma urged the businessmen to operate industries within the country that can recycle damaged mobile phones instead of importing mobile phones.

She said that if such industries are started, employment will increase and domestic currency outflow will be reduced, so the government has a policy of investing 1 percent of the total budget to provide proper policy support to these businessmen.

Bharat Bhattarai, the central president of the Nepal Mobile Business Federation, said that mobile businessmen who collect more than 40 billion in revenue and provide more than 50,000 jobs are currently going through a crisis.

President Bhattarai argues that the business crisis has been reached due to the extremely low margin in mobile sales, increased unprofessional competition in the name of online and offline, and restrictions on imports due to the fact that mobile phones are seen as a luxury item.

President Bhattarai demanded the government to guarantee professional and social security based on the ratio of taxes paid to the state. He also said that he will facilitate the government to produce skilled manpower in the country.

The Director General of the Internal Revenue Department, Gilgraj Mainali, in collaboration with the department and the federation, promised to free the businessmen from unnecessary hassles by raising awareness about tax-related issues.

Senior Vice President of Lalitpur Industry and Commerce Association Vishwaraj Bajracharya said that it is sad to hear that even though mobile phones have played an important role in the transformation of society, the businessmen who make a living from that business are having problems.

General Secretary of Mobile Business Federation Ramesh Kumar Ghimire and Treasurer Santosh Ghimire released the organizational and financial report of the last financial year of the Federation.

The chief executive officer of Sagarmatha Lumbini Insurance, heads of various mobile importer companies and representatives of mobile businessmen from all over the country participated in the program.

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