These are the top ten innovative companies in the world

Boston Consulting Group publishes the list of most innovative companies every year. The organization has recently published the list for 2023 as well. One thousand companies were included in the poll which ran from December 2022 to January 2023.


Those companies were separated into four different levels and analyzed. The list has been prepared based on the votes of global innovative executives, the number of votes received from executives in the company’s own industry, the diversity index of votes in different industries and the total shareholder benefits including share buybacks in the period of 3 years from January to the top ten ranked innovative companies.

The following countries are among the top 10 innovative companies in the world:

Apple, Tesla, Amazon, Alphabet and Microsoft. Similarly, Moderna, Samsung, Huawei, BVD and Siemens are in sixth to tenth place.

For the fourth time in a row, Apple has succeeded in becoming the world’s top innovative company. Apple has come to this place every year since 2005 except for 2019.

Samsung, which came in seventh place, was specially mentioned by the Boston Consulting Group because in 2021, Samsung spent 17 billion dollars on research and development, which is 9 percent of Samsung’s annual earnings.

Similarly, in 2022, Samsung was given 6300 patents, which is the most in the world. Among the companies in this list, only the companies in Central America and China have increased their shares since 2013, and Huawei, which came in eighth place, has been able to be in the list of the top 50 innovative countries continuously since 2014.

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