Traffic management becoming technology friendly, traffic light connection in 2 more places

Traffic management becoming technology friendly, traffic light connection in 2 more places

The Metropolitan Traffic Police has installed new traffic lights in Jai Nepal and Naxal Bhagwati Bahal to make vehicle management technology friendly.

The branch has installed new traffic lights at Jai Nepal Chowk in Kathmandu Metropolitan City 1 and Naxal Bhagwati in coordination with Kumari Bank.

The newly connected Jai Nepal Chowk was jointly inaugurated by Chief of Traffic Light Division, Senior Superintendent of Police Janak Bhattarai and Ward Chairman of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Ward No. 1 Bharat Lal Shrestha.

Speaking at the inauguration function, SSP Bhattarai said that priority has been given to the development and use of technology to solve traffic congestion, road accidents and other traffic problems in the Kathmandu Valley.

“We are in the process of making traffic management technology-friendly. We have been continuously coordinating and cooperating with various agencies for this, ‘he said.

He said that the management of roads through technology has been given top priority as it facilitates the movement of common road users and reflects road discipline and road civilization.

Speaking on the occasion, Ward Chairman of Kamanpa-1 Bharat Lal Shrestha said that the use of traffic lights would play an important role in traffic management and accident reduction. He also praised the role played by the branch in traffic light connection.

Similarly, Ram Chandra Khanal, Chief Operations Officer of Kumari Bank, said that the traffic lights would play a supportive role in the daily road use and would continue to cooperate with the traffic department in the days to come.

The inauguration program was attended by the Heads of the Divisions, local body officials, bank officials and other police officers.

The branch has so far been managing the traffic at 34 main intersections of the Kathmandu Valley through traffic lights. In order to reduce the accidents by making the traffic management safe, systematic and easy, coordination and cooperation will be carried out in the coming days for the connection of lights at other intersections.

The department has also made a special request to all pedestrians and drivers to ensure full compliance of traffic lights at the intersections.


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