What is a server? How many types are there?

They are immediately available when searching for something on the Internet or visiting any site. Many processes are behind this.

If there were no servers, information could not reach you. So, what is the server?

A server is a computer program or hardware that waits for other computer hardware or software requests. After receiving the request, it is processed and responds to the incoming request. The primary purpose of any server is to share data and software resources among users.

Servers work to share data. Even when browsing the web, data appears from the server. Just as you save your data on a PC for future use, a server is also a type of computer.

It includes any computer program to transmit data and information stored by other computers authorized to access it. Its job is to provide services to internet users.

If we understand another way, you must use YouTube or Facebook. When you see someone’s photo on Facebook or play a video, that photo appears instantly; how does this happen? When you play a video, the server where the video is stored responds to us, and the video plays.

Types of servers

Web server

A web server is a program that uses HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). It contains many types of data stores.

File server

A file server is only used to store files. However, businesses often use file servers to integrate employee work profiles.

Mail server

Its job is to send mail, which is computer-based. It is a kind of virtual postman that responds to commands.

Cloud server

Cloud servers are designed to handle specific types of tasks and heavy loads. They can be used for any work, but they are mainly used in website hosting.

Print server

A print server manages one or more print networks. It connects the printer to the client’s computer network, accepts print jobs from the computer, and sends the job to all printers.

Any server is always online, i.e. it works 24 hours a day. The most essential requirements of a server are storage capacity and speed. When it comes to computers, even if the device increases storage and speed, it cannot work 24×7.

Many people can connect to the server simultaneously, but no ordinary computer can handle that many people simultaneously. They don’t have that much processing power, although servers are computers too, but they are designed to cope only with online and power loads.

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