Why is the 'Which country is this' comment coming on Tiktok?

Kathmandu. “Which country is this” is a viral comment on Tiktok for the last two weeks. . Most of the users who run Tik Tok must have seen this comment.

Looking at the face of the commenter, it looks like a white man from some country. Such comments can be seen on every post that has many views and comments on Tiktok. And, there are many people who like and reply to such comments.

After the comment went viral, some people kept their username as 'Which Country is This' and posted the same white person's profile photo on other people's videos. How and why are comments coming in such a strange way on Tiktok? If you're wondering who that guy is, and why everyone keeps asking him what country he's from, here we are:

You are sad if you know the real story of the comment that is going viral now. The story tells of a man named Peter Sutherland searching for his missing daughter named Sandra.

Peter's daughter from the US state of Wyoming went missing during a trip to Southeast Asia in 2020. Unable to find his missing daughter on his own, Peter turned to social media.

He left comments on social media posts to trace his daughter's whereabouts, where he wrote 'Which country is this'? He had a small hope that his daughter would be found by the comments he left on social media. But while searching for his daughter, he himself went to the afterlife. He died last year in 2023. But according to the comments he left on social media, he was still looking for his daughter Sandra.

Meanwhile, a Filipino comedian named Fonz made a video about Peter, who was looking for his daughter, and his comments. That video went viral.

People then started copying Peter's comments on TikTok. Especially in Asia and Africa, such comments started appearing in Tiktik videos.

People are now taking this comment as a joke. But in the internet world, this comment has become a strange and mysterious meme, which makes people as curious as it is sad.

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