3 Legit Methods to Earn Money Online

This article is about earning passive income online using some of the internet tools. Please make sure that this article is not talking about 365 days methods like other online or remote jobs nor this kind of things is going to make you rich in the night. In these methods which I’m going to share below are legit or genuine methods to earn money online from home which I’ve personally experienced.

Making a smart use of the Internet and investing your valuable time in some productive works will always pay you. Why not we decrease our time spent on Facebook or Instagram and do something more productive.

The tips I’m going to share with you is only for the people who have patience and who have patience. So, here’s are three legitimate methods to earn money online.

Blogging Revenue

Nowadays, Blogging is quite easier compared to the days I’ve started 17 years ago. I was in primary school at that time. I wrote some many blogs that time and generate some decent money on regular basis.


My Initial Day’s earnings from Google Adsense

Somewhere in middle, I didn’t get any time. I got engaged in some kind of works and I was not able to give time on my blogs. But then also, the blogs were generating few bucks. There were few Ad Networks unlike today we have hundreds of them. I used Adsense (which I’m still using) and Adbrite, Smowtion, and Bidvertisers.


Google Adsense Cheque

Today, Adbrite and Smowtion are not found in the web world. They died many years earlier but they quite paid me $10-$100 per months even though I was more focused on Adsense.


This is my March 2017 Adsense statics.

This is my March 2017 Adsense statics when I got more traffic from India and Pakistan. Later days US, UAE and UK traffic was increase but there was no earnings hike as compared to earlier. Perhaps, I didn’t get ads on some of the regions, unlike these days many ads are available. Even, Bidvertisers paid me quite decent bucks until Bidvertisers ads were infected by malware and I completely removed 3 years ago. Also, Adsense was completely different those days. Here is one my cheque of 158.12 USD sent by Adsense back in 2010. Till today, my blog is generating some passive income using Adsense alone.

Earnings from Vlogging

Vlogging is not quite my fashion of work. But, still, I gave it a try as I never try to miss any popular internet trend. So, I got enrolled in Youtube World. It took me quite a long time to established and still now there are somehow more than 6K subscribers on my Youtube channel. Vlogging generates good money and the most promising things are day-to-day Youtube users are increasing. Probably. more people watch videos than they read. And also a lot of entertainment is there. Here is a screenshot of one of the payments I received from Youtube.


My Youtube Earnings of $824.79

Previously I had joined Freedom Family network because I needed money on Paypal instead of Bank Draft or Western Union Money. Nowadays, my bank supports Paypal so I’ve not joined them. Joining them cut your money but good things are they pay even $1 means no threshold is required. Also, Youtube payments are now credited to your Adsense account which makes more easier for small groups who are just trying to step in internet earning kinda world.

Mobile Apps Revenue

With the increase in smartphone users, many things are now done in mobile. From reading newspapers to watching videos we are using mobile phones more than switching TVs. Frankly saying, In 5 years, I’ve never switched on to TV except for some football tournament. In fact, I never needed it in the first place.

If you are good at programming you or at least at Web programming, you can easily make apps and monetize them. The good thing is (if) you already got a blog, then you can simply convert your blog into an App. Extra benefits are you don’t need to fight against any kind of Ads Blocker. If you don’t know about programming or you are new at these things, don’t worry I’ve already written about Web Development tutorial. Also, you can read these links if you’re interested.

How to build Android Quiz App?

How to build Paytm App?

There are many online tools which help you to convert your whole blog or website into a complete working app. But the demerit is they place their credits there. Don’t worry, yet. I’m going to deploy an app builder on my domain soon. With the RabinsXP App builder, you can easily build an android app with no programming knowledge. You simply need to enter your package ID, navigation menu links, app icons, and your AdMob id.

Thanks for staying by to read three earn money online legit methods at RabinsXP. If you have any queries related to online revenue generations, feel free to mention in the comment section down below.

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane is senior ICT professional who talks about #it, #cloud, #servers, #software, and #innovation. Rabins is also the first initiator of Digital Nepal. Facebook: rabinsxp Instagram: rabinsxp

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