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Vivo V21 features Selfie Spotlight for perfect Night Experience

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Global smartphone brand Vivo has customized its smartphones with stellar and innovative features to engage and empower young and tech-savvy customers. With every new smartphone, Vivo strives to take the mobile photography experience up a notch. Vivo has thoroughly understood the importance and requirements of the new selfie generation and brings the customers each year, the premium V series, redefining the front camera selfie capabilities.

If there is one thing that all of us would agree upon, it would be that selfies have become a big part of our lives. From capturing the emotion of a moment or just having fun, selfies are the perfect tool for self-expression. Most current-generation smartphones lack any specific selfie features that enhance the low-light selfie experience, but the Vivo V21 is here to fix that.

Vivo V21 44MP Selfie Camera

The brand new Vivo V21’s camera comes with a phenomenal 44MP OIS Night Selfie system that includes 44MP OIS Super Night Selfie, Selfie Spotlight and AI Night Portrait supported by AI Night Algorithm for the ultimate night selfie experience. The optical image stabilization (OIS) in camera system captures intrinsic details in every shot, producing clear images even when your hand is not steady. The front-facing camera is also paired with the dual-LED selfie flash. That is not all. The selfie camera also has Eye Autofocus and OIS that will make your selfies shine and provide you with sharper and clean images.

Pro Tip: Use the Eye Autofocus feature for your super-close or super-long-distance selfie as that will elevate clear and structured images in whatever postures you decide to click no matter how shaky your hand is or how unsmooth your movements are.

Vivo V21 OIS Front Camera

Lighting is perhaps the most vital aspect of photography as it can severely affect the tone and mood of your pictures. Clicking good pictures is often a challenge in darker environments, and we usually end up with noisy or grainy photos with poor details. Using Vivo V21 to capture amazing selfies to increases the amount of light intake and light you up even in the darkest of settings, making your selfies more exciting. If you are someone who records selfie videos frequently, you’ll appreciate the OIS that this camera system has to offer. Vivo V21 also reduces noise and makes night-time selfies clearer and brighter, helping you click the Instagram-worthy shot.

In addition to using algorithms and OIS to improve the camera’s ability to capture more light in dark environments, V21 comes with the jaw-dropping feature ‘Selfie Spotlight’, instantly increasing the light source effortlessly. It is tailor-made to ensure that your selfie game is always strong, regardless of lighting conditions. Vivo has innovatively added two OLED spotlights under the front panel, which can be turned on when taking photos and recording videos. Stimulating professional photography studio lighting, the camera produces ultra-clear selfies even at night. Moreover, the spotlight can also be used together with Vivo’s self-developed Aura Screen Light to perfectly light up the frame. It basically provides more light sources so the night selfies can come bright, delightful, and lit even in the dark.

Not just selfies, V21 also offers a great video experience at night with OIS Ultra Stable Selfie Video. With the Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) to compensate for shakes, along with the AF zoom lens and EIS algorithm, V21 enables ultimately clear and stable video recording. It greatly optimizes the recorded videos during walking/running to avoid blurring. It can maintain the overall picture stability, and stabilize the subject’s face, thus making V21 a magic vlog tool for motion recording. Current smartphones generally have poor selfie video recording effects in a dark environment. With the selfie spotlight, however, V21 can instantly light up the night and shoot video vlogs without any problem.

In all, V21 looks promising with its staggering features like 44MP OIS Super Night Selfie and the Selfie Spotlight, ensuring exceptional night selfies and even handling the lighting for you. The Vivo V21 is super sleek and stylish, with a 7.29mm Ultra Slim AG Design making it hard to miss.

You can say bye-bye to blurry and dark group selfies and hello to sharp, clear, and perfect selfies for your social media.

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