After losing the data of the candidates who had filled the advertisement, the Public Service Commission asked for the application again

After losing the data of the candidates who filled the advertisement, the Public Service Commission has called for applications again. Candidates are invited to re-apply have done


According to the Public Service Commission, the concerned candidates should submit their application again before 18th of May and they will not have to pay the fee for re-application. The commission has again published a three-page long advertisement for 882 posts in Wednesday’s Gorkhapatra.

The public service commission’s online application system is hosted by the government integrated data center 9GIDC0 after it is not certain that the lost data will be recovered.

Data recovery is being attempted, but it is not possible to predict how long this process will be completed and how much data will be recovered, so the exams scheduled to be conducted from May 2080 have been affected, the commission said.

When re-applying, one has to apply only in the advertisement of the same group in which the application was made earlier. After the re-application is received, the applications which have been approved in the previous year have been identified through the online application system and arrangements have been made to re-approve the application. In addition, it is mentioned in the notice issued by the commission that the re-applications related to the applications that have yet to be approved in the past will be checked and the work of approval will be completed as soon as possible.

The concerned candidates will receive the information about the acceptance of the application through SMS. The commission said that after the application is accepted, the admit card with the new roll number will be issued.

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