Are you buying a second hand iPhone? Pay attention to these things

Nowadays, there is a lot of craze for iPhone among the young generation. People are searching online platforms to find cheap iPhones. The biggest reason for that is its expensive price.


Some iPhone lovers buy second-hand smartphones to save money. Very few people are aware of what to check and what not to check before buying an iPhone.

If you are also thinking of buying a second-hand iPhone, keep these things in mind, which can save you from a big loss.

Proof of purchase

If you are buying a second hand iPhone from someone, it is definitely the best course of action to ask for a hard copy or soft copy of the original receipt. It also proves that your phone is genuine.

Many times the warranty remains even after the phone is old. If you get a hard copy or soft copy of the original receipt, you can check the warranty of the phone from it.

Battery health

To check iPhone battery health, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health & Charging. If the iPhone battery is more than 80 percent, the device gives good battery life.

If the battery life of the iPhone is less than 80 percent, then the battery life of the iPhone may not last long. If you don’t see Battery Health, the iPhone is fake.

Serial number

Apple provides serial numbers for all its products in addition to IMEI number for warranty verification.

To check this, you need to go to Settings and go to General and then tap on About. You can check the iPhone serial number by going to About.

You copy the serial number You can find out all the information about the phone by going to and pasting it.


With modern iPhones, Apple has made it easy to identify whether an iPhone’s display has been replaced or repaired by a service center. To check this, you can go to Settings and go to Display & Brightness and activate True Tone.

If it is not active, there is a high probability that the iPhone has been repaired and a local display has been fitted. Similarly, on select iPhones, Apple also locks out Face ID on iPhones with third-party spare parts.

If you can’t set up or access Face ID, it’s possible that Face ID on your iPhone is broken.

Keep these things in mind

When getting a second-hand iPhone, make sure all the iPhone’s cameras are working, including the selfie camera.

Also, look for any possible scratches or dents on the surface of the iPhone. Small scratches are normal on a used iPhone, but if there are very large scratches, you should be careful.

It should also be checked that there is no damage to the back or front glass. Also, try to get an invoice when buying a used iPhone. By following these methods, you can also get a second hand iPhone in good condition.

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Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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