Electric public transport in Gandaki will be available in 30 years

Kathmandu. Gandaki state government has fixed the lifespan of electric vehicles. Recently published in the state gazette, the Gandaki State Vehicle and Transport Management Rules, 2080 have specified the lifespan of electric vehicles along with public vehicles that run on petroleum products.

According to this, it is mentioned that electric public vehicles should be certified for 30 years. Similarly, the lifespan of public vehicles running on petroleum products has been set at 25 years.

For the first time in Nepal, Gandaki province has also set the age limit for private vehicles. According to this, it has been arranged that the private vehicle must have a compulsory license after 25 years and deduct the cost.

Similarly, it is mentioned in the regulation that the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development and Transport will create and issue the necessary standards to convert public and other vehicles into electric-friendly vehicles.

Last Updated: Jan 21, 2080 16:38


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