Do you want to earn money by learning programming online? There are 13 platforms

Kathmandu. Be it making a computer program, making a mobile app or making a website, programming skills are required. Generally speaking, programming is writing various instructions in a language that a computer can understand.

The demand for manpower in this field is gradually increasing. So anyone who has skills in this field can easily become self-employed or engaged in employment.

It is not necessary to take formal education to learn programming skills. Again, for jobs in the industrial sector, companies in this sector give more priority to skills and competence than educational certificates given by universities. So even if you are new to the field of programming, you can make a future.

For those who are interested in programming like you, there are many online learning resources available on the internet. Today we are discussing about a dozen platforms that are used by many of them and are considered reliable.

1. MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseware is a platform for free educational materials provided by the prestigious American university Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It can be a good resource for beginners in the field of programming.

Because you can find courses in C, C++, Java, Python and other programming languages. From this platform you can learn different programming languages ​​or other topics related to this field at a convenient time. Courses found here are basic lessons.

However, you can also create different slides and homework related to the lesson. You can read the course available in it online or download it and read it offline. Go to this platform click here do it

2. edX​

This platform, which provides college-level textbooks, was started as a joint initiative of MIT and Harvard University. Since EdX is a non-profit organization, most of its educational materials are available for free. However, some lessons require a fee to be read.

There are more courses in computer science, engineering, business and management. For ease, the course has been divided into different levels on the website. This makes it easier for you to find a course. A certificate can also be obtained by studying the paid courses in it. Go to this platform click here do it

3. Coursera

Coursera is an online course platform launched by US-based Stanford University and some venture capitals. Coursera is providing different courses in collaboration with various universities and companies.

The courses available in it are specially focused on skill development. For example, the six-month Data Structure and Algorithm course covers various topics from simple to complex. In which you can find courses from basic data structures to advanced algorithms. A separate list of free and paid courses has been prepared in it.

Go to this platform click here do it

4. Udacity

Like MIT OCW, EdX, Udacity is also a kind of online learning platform. This platform does not focus on subjects like maths, social sciences but focuses on courses related to programming, data science and engineering.

Since this platform focuses especially on nanodegree programs, the courses available here are relatively long. Such courses help a lot in gaining in-depth knowledge in the respective fields. But to study some of those courses, you have to pay money.

Go to this platform click here do it

5. Udemy

Udemy is a kind of online education marketplace. Here anyone can create (and even sell) courses for others. For this reason, in some cases, you can also find courses created by unskilled people here.

However, it doesn't mean that you won't get a good course. It also has courses created by skilled people related to programming. But to find the right course you need to do some hard work.

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6. Free Code Camp (freecodecamp)

If you want to become a web developer in the future, then this platform can be a good option for you. It has almost all the lessons needed to become a frontend and backend developer.

Courses on web design, data visualization, machine learning, etc. can be found on this platform. Even if you don't have any coding experience, you can find courses at your convenience on this platform. You just have to study those courses from beginning to end.

Go to this platform click here do it

7. Khan Academy

Acting as a non-profit organization, Kriyasheel Khan Academy is becoming the platform of choice for online learners. This platform has been contributing significantly to the education sector for the past decade. It covers many subjects including mathematics, science, social studies, world history, literature.

More recently, AI has also been integrated into online learning to make it more effective. The programming related subjects available in it are JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, Python etc.

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8. OpenCourser

OpenCourser is not just an online learning platform like the sites mentioned above. It is also a search engine. With this, you can browse thousands of free online courses on the Internet.

This platform has more than 900 free online courses related to programming. Which is sure to be added in the coming days. The main feature of OpenCourser is the facility to search for courses on other learning platforms.

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9. W3Schools

You can learn to code online at the W3 Schools website. It has various textbooks and resources required for web development.

Courses in programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, XML, SQL, ASP, JSP are available at Wthree Schools. In this you can learn coding from basic level to advanced level for free.

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10. Codecademy

Codecademy is known as a platform for learning programming through various activities. The aim of this platform is to teach the basics of programming languages ​​and frameworks in a simple way.

Every course available in it has been made gamified. But most of the courses in it are basic and superficial.

If your goal is to become a programmer then it can be the above mentioned platform. Likewise, if you already have coding experience and just want to learn the syntax of a new language, this platform can be useful.

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11. The Odin Project

Another platform focused on teaching programming is the Odin Project. From this one can learn programming related subjects like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails.

If you want to make a future in this field without going to an expensive bootcamp, this platform can be an option. Because the programming related projects you complete on the platform are based on the real world.

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12. Youtube

Another platform that should not be missed in this list is YouTube. Thousands of tutorial playlists related to programming are available on YouTube. But most of them are superficial or incomplete. Or they are not related to Shilshila.

However, saying this does not mean that there is nothing on YouTube. If you search properly, useful videos can be found in it. YouTube is an easy and simple way to learn programming.

13. programiz

Although the platforms discussed above are foreign, one such Nepali platform that is effective in the global market is Programs. Many programming languages ​​such as Python, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, C, C++, C# can be learned on this platform where knowledge and skills related to programming can be learned.

In addition, a compiler tool for checking these programs is also available for free in the programs. To know more about this platform visit here and website click here do it

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