Talent Connects has introduced an applicant tracking system, making the hiring process faster and easier

With the aim of facilitating the hiring process of any company or organization, Talent Connects has launched the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

On the occasion of its fifth anniversary, Talent Connects has officially launched ATS. Diwas Thapa, Managing Director of Talent Connects, said that applicant tracking system has been introduced to facilitate the management of candidates (candidates or applicants) which is seen as a problem in the hiring process.

“As a problem in the hiring process, we have introduced ATS to facilitate candidate management,” Thapa told ICT News.

ATS has features that can pre-evaluate candidates, send emails, have video interviews, and sync calendars. Apart from this, if a company urgently needs employees, Talent Connect's 'Talent Pool' can be used as a resource.

The company is planning to increase the talent pool, which is more than 12,000, to make it millions. He claims that ATS will be useful for both small and large companies.

ATS developed from the study and research of the last 2 years is now being used by more than 200 companies. From the system, all the information about who applied in the past, where the process reached and so on can be found.

ATS is a cloud based web based system. According to the company, it can also be used easily from a mobile phone. A fee has to be paid to use this service. Thapa says that Talect Connect is very cheap compared to foreign ATS.

According to the company, there is a plan to make ATS the LinkedIn of Nepal. Apart from this, the company has also prepared to collaborate with LinkedIn.

Talent Connects is now looking to expand its services abroad. According to Talent Connects, work is being done to expand the service to America, India, and Bangladesh soon. Talent Connects is also operating a talent management system.

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