Here are the top 10 selfies with a daughter (photo feature)

Here are the top 10 selfies with a daughter (photo feature)

The ‘Selfie with Daughter’ campaign, which has been operating in Nepal for the past one month, concluded on Wednesday with a special virtual program. ‘Selfie with Daughter’ Day was jointly organized in Nepal and India.

Thousands of selfies were sent with their daughters during a month-long campaign in Nepal. The selfie of Pratibha Ghising and her daughter Pratishtha Lama has won the first prize in this campaign.

Similarly, granddaughter Nishudika Rai’s selfie with Dakshya Bahadur Rai and Moti Sara has secured the second position while selfies of Yamuna Prasai and Shreya Poudel have secured the third position.

The winners have been awarded trophies and certificates worth Rs 21,000, Rs 11,000 and Rs 5,100 respectively.

photo feature

Note: The 1,2,3 selfie photos placed consecutively above are the first, second and third, respectively, while the other 10 are the best selfies.


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