Huawei is digitizing APAC railways for sustainable mobility

Huawei is digitizing APAC railways for sustainable mobility

Huawei Asia-Pacific Railway Forum 2021 has been completed. The program organized under the theme ‘Smart Rail, Better Future Mobility’ has been completed.

Participants in the forum explored innovation to achieve operational efficiency for urban mass transit systems, in particular driverless operations and workflow management.

The event was attended by more than 1,300 railway industry clients, partners, experts and media from across the APAC region.

In the panel session of the event, Quake Hen Chi, Head of Digital Transformation and Business Innovation, Smart Corporation Limited, explained his observation that many people in Singapore have adapted their community lifestyle to greener transport and contributed to their social responsibility by using public transport in an urban environment.

‘I think the technology is ready. One challenge is how we transform the workplace, the workforce and the work processes accordingly, ”he said.

Addressing the challenges posed by the epidemic, Aaron Wang, senior vice president of Huawei Apex Enterprise Business Group, said such challenges have been transformed into opportunities for all industries.

As a global ICT solution provider, Huawei helps customers such as Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA), Hong Kong MTR, Turkey’s TCDD and Germany’s Dutch Ban (DB) accelerate digitization by integrating new technologies with traditional infrastructure. We are confident that railway digitization will lead to better mobility in the future, ”Wang said.

TC Chu, director of Global Rail Business Arup, shared three key trends in digitalisation: data, analytics, and communications.

He said ‘the power to really increase the value of technology for railways lies with the people who are actually using these technologies and taking advantage of the data available in some technologies and then how to put some amount of intelligence into our daily railway operations and maintenance of our assets and service delivery. Decisions can be made. ‘

Changquan Luo, director of Shenzhen Metro’s Metro Station Digital Innovation Studio, explained the background to its digitization strategy.

It aims to meet the broad national requirements for strengthening transport and ensuring high quality development, focusing on digital intelligence capabilities, operational excellence and service delivery in cities, he said.

Huawei is committed to innovating safe, open and intelligent products and solutions for the railway industry in APAC and the wider world.

The company also said it is committed to facilitating digital conversions and making every traffic and transportation system more reliable, more efficient, safer and greener.


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