NAS IT, an organization of IT companies, said: The budget is positive, we are ready to cooperate

Nepal Association for Software and IT Services (NAS IT), an organization established for the rights and interests of companies working in the field of information technology, has expressed happiness that the budget brought by the government of Nepal is positive.


Nas IT expressed happiness that the government has recognized the potential of the information technology sector for the economic development of the country through the upcoming budget.

Richan Shrestha, president of NAS IT, informed that the government has accepted the organization’s policy revision request. Shrestha praised the budget and said that Nepal is now moving towards becoming a technology hub.

The government has announced the removal of the foreign investment limit for the information technology sector from the budget. According to the organization, this has opened up new possibilities for technology companies.

Chairman Shrestha says that this will reduce the distance between national and global technical people, facilitate knowledge exchange, help mobilize the Nepali diaspora and broaden the reach of Nepali IT companies.

The budget also allowed technology companies to invest 10 percent of their foreign revenue to establish branch offices abroad. IT companies believe this will help them conduct more effective marketing and sales activities, provide better customer service, and increase customer confidence regarding their data and intellectual property security.

The budget recognizes the need for collaboration between the government, the private sector and industry. NAS IT has also committed to work closely with the government and other stakeholders to implement the things announced in the budget and take advantage of the opportunities.

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