Nepal Telecom will provide e-SIM to Nepal Electricity Authority

Nepal Telecom is going to provide 150,000 e-SIMs to be used in smart meters of Nepal Electricity Authority. In this regard, an agreement has been concluded between the two institutions today (7th Baisakh 2080).


The agreement was signed by Chief Commercial Officer Sangita Pahadi on behalf of Nepal Telecom and Achyut Babu Ghimire, Director of Distribution and Customer Service Directorate on behalf of Nepal Electricity Authority.

On this occasion, Chief Commercial Officer Sangeeta Pahari expressed her sincere thanks for the commercial cooperation with Nepal Electricity Authority and expressed her hope that the cooperation will continue.

Achyut Babu Ghimire, director of Nepal Electricity Authority, expressed his happiness that since Nepal Telecom SIM is already being used in smart meters, the service will be available through e-SIM with new technology in the future.

Nepal Electricity Authority is using smart meter for information related to electricity tariff. With its help, information about electricity consumption can be obtained from the office, as well as helping to cut lines and control electricity leakage.

E-SIM helps to provide communication facility between authority system and smart meter. E-SIM will be used for three phase customers with capacity up to 100 amps.

Nepal Telecom has already provided 53,000 SIMs to the Nepal Electricity Authority for smart meter purposes.

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