10 people can travel for free every day for 10 days by purchasing a bus ticket from Busseva

Busseva.com, Nepal’s only online bus ticketing service provider, has entered its tenth year after completing its ninth annual festival. Bus Service Tours and Travels under V.No. The bus service, which started its service on 21st July 2071, has entered its tenth year.


During this period, Bussewa.com has been able to provide services on most of the routes across Nepal. Also, it has been providing online ticket booking services in cities like New Delhi, Bodh Gaya, Muzaffarpur and other cities of India. At present, more than 3 thousand passengers are traveling through bus service by cutting tickets.

In the meantime, the bus service has also opened a passenger lounge at Dhunge Adda in the capital Kathmandu, so that the passengers do not have to wait for the bus. In the same lounge, there are Wi-Fi, drinking water etc. facilities for the passengers and they can board the bus directly from the lounge. As a result, the passengers have to wait for the bus eating dust on the road.

The next year of its establishment, i.e. in the year 2072, the bus service, which was hit by devastating earthquakes, blockades, etc., had to face problems for a long time during the lockdown caused by the Covid epidemic. Although the bus service has to work for a long time to make the transport sector, which is considered an informal sector and has zero use of technology, to be technology-friendly, at present, general transport businessmen and travelers are getting attracted towards the bus service.

At the press conference held on the occasion of entering the tenth year, the Chief Executive Officer of Busseva.com P.R. Khanal said Busseva.com started its service with the aim of providing tickets to passengers online by connecting the transport sector with technology.

Meanwhile, on the occasion of the 10th year of entry, the bus service has made public an offer that ten people can travel for free every day for ten days. 100% cashback will be given to 10 people every day through Golapratha. The name of the winner will be announced through the official Facebook page of Busseva.

Busseva.com is Nepal’s only online bus ticket booking service provider. Passengers can easily buy tickets for any destination through busseva.com and busseva mobile apps.

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