Private sector services can also be included in the citizen app

Private sector services can also be included in the citizen app

The private sector has also been able to include its services in the citizen app brought by the government for the purpose of providing as many services as possible digitally.

This has been mentioned in the Citizen App Operation and Management Guideline 2078, which was approved by the government on July 22. However, for the service flow of the private sector, one has to be affiliated with the app with approval.

The directive states that “if the private sector bodies have to be involved in the flow of services, the ministry may approve the services from the private sector to be included in the citizen app in the recommendation of the technical committee.”

The guideline states that if the approval is received, the private sector bodies will be integrated in the citizen app. The directory states that various public bodies will be included in the app.

According to the guideline, the services provided by public bodies will be included in the citizen app. For example, ministries, departments, bodies and offices of the Government of Nepal, courts, constitutional bodies, commissions and secretariats will be included in the Citizen App.

Similarly, the state government and its affiliated bodies, local level, universities, colleges and schools, establishments, boards, committees, authorities, companies, commissions, missions or similar bodies owned or partially owned or controlled by the Government of Nepal will be included in the citizen app.


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