Ravi introduced ‘Blue Bus’ service with digital ticket and smart bell facility

Ravi Lamichhane, chairman of Rashtriya Swatantra Party (RASWPA) and member of the House of Representatives, has started the free bus service ‘Blue Bus’ for women in Chitwan from Wednesday.


On the occasion of the 100th day of his victory from Chitwan area No. 2 in the by-election held on 10th Baisakh, Parer Ravi Lamichhane has started a free bus service.
Women of Chitwan Zone No. 2 will be allowed to board the bus for free. The Blue Bus, which has been in operation since Wednesday, has used a lot of technology. Kathmandu Slash Technology Pvt Ltd has done the work of making the bus technology-friendly.

The bus is equipped with technology like digital ticketing machine, smart bell, location announcement system, Blue Bus mobile app and automated sanitizer dispenser. Kshitaj Karki, president and CEO of Slash Technologies, said that these technologies were kept on the Blue Bus for a period of 7 days.

“Slass Technology has made the bus technology-friendly within a week,” he told Icity News.

In the first phase, Ravi Lamichhane’s secretariat has distributed cards with QR codes for free bus service to 500 women of Chitwan.

While traveling in the bus, the co-driver will scan the card with the QR code from the digital ticketing machine. After the cardcon is recognized, the system will generate a travelable ticket.

Even if there is no card with QR code, women will be allowed to travel in Blue Bus. Such passengers will be given digital tickets, which are ‘temporary’ for a limited time.

Slash Technology has developed the software required for the machine to recognize the card with QR code and generate the ticket. Lamichhane said that the card will keep information about who boarded the vehicle and prevent possible irregularities.

CEO Karki says that the software also designs cards for printing. Apart from this, a mobile app called Blue Bus has also been released. The app, which is currently available on the Play Store, will soon be available on the App Store as well.

Where has the bus arrived from the Blue Bus app prepared by Slash Technology? How long will it arrive? It can be known.

A location announcement system has also been installed in the bus. According to Karki, this system provides information about the stations that have arrived and are coming during the journey. The location announcement system (hardware and software) developed by Slash Technology itself is being successfully operated in other buses in the country.

An automated sanitizer dispenser has also been installed in the Blue Bus, which has been operating free of charge for women. When you put your hand on it, the sanitizer comes out. The hardware and software required for this has also been prepared by Slash himself.

When traveling by public bus, there is a situation where you have to ask for the alighting place yourself. But now when I travel on the Blue Bus, I don’t have to shout to stop the car when I get off. Because as soon as the smart bell technology in the bus is pressed, the driver will stop the bus. Bells have been kept at various places inside the bus for the convenience of the passengers. A letter box is also placed in the bus. Suggestions or problems can be left in the box.

Apart from this, Slash Tech has installed GPS in the free ambulance operated by Ravi Lamichhane in Chitwan.

For the past 8 years, Slash Technology has been working to make Nepal’s transport sector technology-friendly. The company had also prepared the ‘Share Plus’ app for shared transportation some time ago. From Sajha Plus, you can also know where the vehicles of Sajha are moving, whether they come to their place or not.

Karki informed that instead of different apps for different types of transport, now we will bring one app as a unified platform for all types of transport.

‘We are now preparing to bring a single app for the convenience of passengers,’ he says, ‘Where did the buses from all over the country arrive? Where are they coming from? What time will he arrive at his place? All information can be obtained from one app.’

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