Samsung Slidable PC Display

Samsung Rollable PC Display

With years of expertise in the display sector under its belt, Samsung has unveiled a slidable screen technology for computers. The new Samsung Slidable PC Display extends from 13″ to 17″ and Samsung is working with Intel to bring out the viability of the display.

Samsung Slidable PC Display Overview:

Intel’s 2022 Innovation Forum brought us a lot from Intel, but Samsung surprised us by demoing its unique PC display at the same event. Samsung calls this screen, which can convert from a 13-inch to a 17-inch display, “the world’s first 17-inch slidable display for PC.” At the event, we saw Samsung Display CEO JS Choi demonstrate the display’s transformation.

Samsung Rollable PC Screen Demo

Unlike Samsung’s foldable displays, this slidable display rolls along the rails and can be extended just by pulling it apart. The screen’s sliding mechanism made few audible sounds while maxing out at 17-inch and also while being pushed back into the 13-inch form factor.

“Foldable is gone”

Aside from this, this display also had a visible crease where the sliding mechanism starts. This form factor can unlock many possibilities for computing in terms of the user interface, portability, and more.

To achieve this, Samsung is working with Intel to introduce features and abilities to best utilize this form factor.

Samsung Slidable PC Display Launch And Availability

While Samsung commercially offers folding displays on devices like the Galaxy Z Fold and Flip, we will not be seeing a slidable display on a consumer-grade device any time soon.

The Samsung Display CEO persisted that the company is working closely with Intel in order to figure out ways to add value to the slidable/rollable form factor.

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