Ten Facts About Amazon’s Space Internet Program

Ten Facts About Amazon’s Space Internet Program

Alan Musk’s Starline Internet service is not the only company sending Saty to Earth Orbit. Amazon is also involved in this work. Amazon also plans to build its own satellite broadband service, called Project Cuper.

With this project, Amazon aims to bring Internet access to even remote areas of the earth. Today we will discuss the facts you need to know about Amazon’s space internet program.

1. Project Cooper: ‘Satellite Star’ in Amazon’s Space

Project Cuper is an initiative by Amazon to build a satellite constellation. It will be located in the lower orbit of the earth. Amazon has received approval from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to have 3,236 auto satellites. Competitor SpaceX has already placed 1,000 satellites in orbit and plans to have 12,000 satellites in total.

2. Project Cuperco Target

According to Amazon, Project Cooper’s goal is to provide cheap, reliable, fast, low-latency broadband services in places without Internet access. This service can help where old fiber or wireless networks are difficult to connect. The FCC currently only allows Amazon to provide satellite broadband services to the United States.

3. Who can benefit from Project Cuper?

According to Amazon, Project Cooper will serve a variety of homes, schools, hospitals, businesses and other organizations without reliable broadband. Amazon will also provide the user with a ground station. The company also plans to continue distributing LTE and Five G services. Because of this, many areas will be able to get broadband.

4. How much is being spent on Project Cooper?

Amazon plans to spend more than १० 10 billion on Project Cooper. By investing so much, Amazon aims to create jobs and infrastructure for many people.

5. Project Cuperco Headquarters

Scientists and researchers are at Project Cooper’s Amazon Exploration and Development Center in Redmond, WAS.

6. Development of cheap antennas

Amazon has completed the initial development of the antenna cheaply in December last year. High speed internet service will be provided by connecting the antenna to the satellite. Amazon claims that its prototype is providing Internet at speeds of up to 400 megabytes per second.

7. Need more lunch vehicles

Amazon also needs several launch vehicles to orbit the Earth. The company uses many rockets for launch.

8. Amazon’s satellite launch partner

Amazon also needs a launch partner to launch satellites into space. For this, Amazon has entered into an agreement with the Gunite Lunch Alliance and has received nine Auto Atlas V launch vehicles to assist Project Cooper.

9. Atlas V Lunch Vehicle

According to Amazon, Atlas V Launch Vehicle has launched 85 launches so far and they are 100% successful. It also launched NASA’s Perseverance Rover for Mars.

10. How many people are in this project?

According to Amazon’s blogpost, Project Cooper employs more than 500 people.


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