What is the rationale behind Apple’s annual release of a new iPhone?

Every year Apple brings a new iPhone for its users. Just some time ago, Apple released the iPhone 15 series for this year.


Why does Apple bring a new phone every year? This question may have come to your mind. Exactly this question was asked to Apple CEO Tim Cook, which Cook has answered.

Cook said that since many users need a new phone every year, Apple makes new changes every year to meet this need of users. Apart from this, users will have the option of returning the old iPhone with an exchange offer, so everyone wants to use the new phone, he said.

There are many users who use old iPhone. In such a case, with the purchase of a new iPhone, this desire of other users is also fulfilled. Not only this, the company also uses those old iPhones, which are unusable i.e. not in working condition.

Apple doesn’t consider old iPhones junk. Cook said that parts of old iPhones are reused. Some parts of the old iPhone are used to make the new iPhone.

In fact, the company is working towards the goal of becoming completely carbon neutral by the year 2030. The new Apple Watch launched this year is a 100% carbon neutral product.

In this context, the company Cook has said that making a new iPhone has not caused any harm to the environment. The company plans to make the iPhone completely carbon neutral by 2030.

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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