The Best Remote Control Car for Kids

FTX Carnage 2.0 Brushed

Stepping up within the FTX brand, we introduce the FTX brushed motor range, exemplified by the impressive FTX Carnage 2.0 Brushed Truck. These models have earned a strong following among more experienced beginners. They come equipped with

  • a robust 550 brushed motor,
  • a 60A waterproof ESC,
  • Voltz 1800mAh 7.2v NiMH battery,

offering enhanced power and performance.

While they do carry a slightly higher price tag compared to the Tracer, these models provide an excellent gateway into the hobby for individuals with a more generous budget.

If you’re a beginner hobbyist, aged 14 or above, with a budget of £150, and seeking an off-road model that’s relatively easy to maintain, look no further—these models are tailor-made for you.

FTX brushed motor range vehicles like the FTX Carnage 2.0 Brushed Truck offer an exciting blend of power, durability, and ease of use, ensuring that your off-road adventures are both thrilling and manageable.

If the FTX Carnage isn’t quite your style, fear not! FTX offers a range of appealing brushed models, including the FTX Outlaw, Vantage 2.0, and Bugsta.

These alternatives provide a diverse selection to cater to various preferences and interests, ensuring there’s an option that suits your unique taste and needs.

Explore these models to find the perfect fit for your off-road adventures.

ARRMA 4X2 BOOST 550 MEGA Brushed

When you’re on the hunt for your very first hobby-quality RC basher vehicle, there’s simply nothing that compares to the ARRMA 4X2 BOOST 550 MEGA Brushed 2WDs.

These vehicles stand out not only for their characteristic ARRMA speed and durability but also for their versatility.

Based on the well-proven ARRMA 4X4 platform, the ready-to-run 4X2 BOOST 550 MEGA Brushed 2WD vehicles offer the unique advantage of easy upgrades to 4-wheel drive and 3S brushless power when you’re ready to take your RC experience to the next level. What’s more, these vehicles offer exceptional value for your investment.

Even before those exciting upgrades, the VORTEKS 4X2 BOOST 550 MEGA Brushed 2WD stadium truck can achieve speeds of 30+ MPH in optimal conditions using optional gearing.

Designed for all-terrain toughness, it features a robust composite chassis and retained hinge pin plates, steering with enhanced clearance for handling rough terrain, a castellated slipper pad, and sliding gear mesh, as well as rubber shielded bearings throughout.

The VORTEKS 4X2 BOOST is engineered to outlast other beginner-level bashers.

It retains the ingenious modular chassis design perfected by ARRMA engineers, ensuring easy access to vehicle components. Separate, easily removable modules for the power system, electronics, and differential components make routine vehicle maintenance a breeze.

The self-bleeding, oil-filled shocks equipped with silicone O-rings utilize a proven coil-over design for effortless maintenance and exceptional handling.

The spring perches feature integrated dirt guards to keep the shocks operating smoothly. High chassis guards minimize the intrusion of dirt and debris into the chassis tub.

Shock-absorbing loops secure the front and rear bumpers to the chassis, providing protection against heavy impacts.

Additionally, an injection-molded rear wing and body protection roof skids are included.

The VORTEKS 4X2 BOOST 550 MEGA Brushed 2WD stadium truck comes complete with the Spektrum SLT2 transmitter and SLT 2-in-1 40A ESC and receiver.

The transmitter’s ergonomic design ensures fatigue-free driving during long sessions, and its foam wheel offers precise fingertip control.

For novice drivers, throttle limits of 50% or 75% can be set until they are ready to unleash the full speed potential.

To top it all off, the rugged multi-spoke black ST wheels paired with vented dBoots KATAR tires provide the VORTEKS 4X2 BOOST 550 MEGA Brushed 2WD with effective traction for bashing on almost any terrain—whether it’s off-road, dirt, grass, parking lots, or paved and asphalt surfaces.

This RC powerhouse is built to deliver an exceptional and thrilling experience for all hobbyists.

Tips for Using Remote Control Cars Safely

When it comes to using remote control cars safely, there are a few key tips to keep in mind. It is crucial to supervise children while they are playing with these cars, ensuring that they are using them responsibly.

Choosing appropriate environments for play can make a significant difference in preventing accidents or damage. Teaching kids basic driving skills not only enhances their enjoyment but also promotes safe and responsible play.

So, let’s dive into these essential tips and ensure a fun and worry-free experience with remote control cars!

Supervise Children While Playing

Supervise children while they are playing with remote control cars to ensure their safety.

  • Stay close by to monitor their activities and intervene if necessary.
  • Create a designated play area that is safe and minimises the risk of accidents.
  • Establish rules and guidelines for responsible use of remote control cars.
  • Educate children about potential hazards and teach them how to avoid them.

Choose Appropriate Environments

To ensure safety and maximize enjoyment, it’s important to choose appropriate environments when using remote control cars for kids. When selecting a suitable location, consider factors such as the availability of space, surface conditions, and potential obstructions. It is advisable to opt for open areas like parks or empty car parks, while avoiding crowded spaces or areas with delicate objects. By doing so, children can have fun exploring different terrains and engage in responsible play.

Teach Basic Driving Skills

Teach Basic Driving Skills

  • Start with teaching the basic controls: Show children how to use the forward, backward, left, and right buttons on the remote control.
  • Practice steering: Set up a course and guide your child through different obstacles, helping them develop their steering skills.
  • Introduce speed control: Teach them how to adjust the speed of the remote control car, starting with slow speeds and gradually increasing as they become more comfortable.
  • Teach reversing: Show them how to reverse the car by pressing the appropriate button, helping them understand the concept of reversing and maneuvering in tight spaces.
  • Encourage turning: Teach them how to make smooth turns by combining steering and speed control effectively.
  • Play games: Create fun games like racing or obstacle courses to challenge their driving skills and reflexes.

In the early 1960s, a Californian entrepreneur named Eddy Goldfarb invented one of the first popular remote control cars, “The Yogi Bear”. Its success paved the way for the remote control car industry, becoming a beloved toy for kids worldwide.

Some Facts About The Best Remote Control Cars for Kids:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the key factors to consider when choosing the best remote control car for kids?

When choosing the best remote control car for kids, it is important to consider factors such as durability, age-appropriateness, ease of use, and features. Look for cars with bigger buttons, manageable speed, flashing lights, and sound effects for younger children. Older kids may enjoy more sophisticated cars with advanced features and adjustable speed control.

2. What are the different types of remote control cars available?

Remote control cars can be categorized into remote-controlled, radio-controlled, or app-controlled cars that can be operated via a phone. These options provide different ways of controlling the car and offer varying levels of functionality.

3. Are there any educational options available for remote control cars?

Yes, apart from ready-to-go cars, you can also find build-your-own kits for remote control cars. These kits can be a fun and educational option that allows kids to learn while assembling their own car.

4. What are some recommended remote control cars for kids?

According to various sources, some recommended remote control cars for kids include the BlackZon Slyder Monster Truck, which is durable and suitable for rough play, and the Playmobil Porsche Mission E, which is popular among young children and comes with a plug-in EV charging column.

5. What are the benefits of playing with remote control cars for kids?

Playing with age-appropriate remote control cars can provide several developmental benefits for kids. It can improve their spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, and fine-motor skills. It also offers tactile entertainment and allows kids to engage in imaginative play.

6. Where can I find more information and purchase options for remote control cars?

You can find more information and purchasing options for remote control cars from retailers mentioned in the references, such as the Standard, Independent, and Car and Driver websites. Simply visit their respective websites and search for the specific models or categories of remote control cars you are interested in.

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