Legally registered electric motorcycle passenger, now with number plate on the road

Nepal’s first electric bike has been legally registered as a passenger motorcycle for the first time.


The P-1 bike of P-1 ‘Bagmati Pradesh 02 Ba 43 P 8650 No.’ has been registered as the first fully manufactured vehicle in Nepal at the Transport Management Office, Gurjudhara (Motorcycle), Yatri Motorcycle has informed through social media. Along with this, it has become the first vehicle in Nepal to be registered without import documents.

On May 15 last year, Yatri Motorcycle delivered the first P-1 bike to the customer, coincidentally, a year later today, on May 15, Yatri’s P-1 motorcycle has been registered as the first vehicle produced in Nepal. P-1 Yatri is an electric motorcycle produced in Nepal.

After registering the vehicle and getting the number plate and blue book, the passenger remembered the journey from ‘P-1’ to ‘Special Series-1’ within a year. ‘We are forever grateful to our special users who helped us create this history,’ said Yatri. The company has also expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, Transport Management Department and all those who helped.

According to the department, on 14th Baisakh, after the legal hurdles to register vehicles made in Nepal were removed by amending the guidelines, travelers were able to register bikes on the basis of value added tax, VAT bill, excise duty clearance form.

Earlier, parts of vehicles including ‘Mustang’ manufactured by Hulas Mortas in Nepal were imported from abroad and registered in Nepal based on the same notification letter 9LC0. According to this, even if the vehicles were made in Nepal, the registration of those vehicles was based on the customs notification.

However, the passenger also got the motorcycle chassis developed in Nepal and the unique identification number. Various parts of the bike will be imported, but since the platform was developed in Nepal, there was a problem in registering it before because there was no notification letter.

Passengers got the opportunity to register after the government revised the Transport Management Procedures Guide 2060 and the Transport Management Department made special provisions regarding the registration of vehicles connected or produced in Nepal.

For new registration, transfer registration, alteration registration, auction registration, re-registration and naming of vehicles to be assembled or manufactured in Nepal, the assembly or manufacturing company shall pay value added tax instead of the customs declaration and in the case of vehicles that attract the provisions related to internal duties according to the prevailing law. The government has also made arrangements to submit the fee withdrawal form.

Along with this, the way has been opened to register all types of electric and petrol-diesel vehicles made in Nepal. The government opened up the registration process for electric vehicles when the electric motorcycles made in Nepal could not be registered due to legal obstacles.

After the electric bike ‘Yatri’ made in Nepal did not receive a number plate, it had to face the explanation of the traffic police and the production was stopped.

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