The IMEI number of the mobile you use is not registered with MDMS? Register like this

Have you registered your mobile IMEI number in Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) of Nepal Telecommunication Authority? If you haven’t already, register today.


If the mobile is not registered in MDMS by the end of June, the SIM card will not work in that mobile. Through the Economic Bill, the government had given the last hundred mobile phones that came to Nepal till June 15th but were not registered in MDMS by paying a lump sum fee and registering them till June.

In the bill, a fee of 10,000 rupees per set for mobile phones worth more than 1 lakh rupees, 3,000 rupees per phone set for other smartphones and 200 rupees per set for mobile phones other than smartphones have been fixed.

It has been arranged that the fee can be paid online. However, Nepalese citizens who have been abroad for more than six months after obtaining a labor permit and have returned to abroad can register for 2 cellular mobile phone systems free of charge if they submit proof of that.

According to section 24 of the Economic Bill 2080, only the mobiles in the gray database can be registered by paying a fee.

How to register?

Section 24 of the Economic Bill 2080 provides that mobiles operating in Nepal from 2079 Bhadra 30 to 2080 Jeshta 15 but not registered in the MDMS system can be registered by paying the specified revenue. Fees can be paid online.

Starting for Gray Mobal registration click here do it There, the system will automatically show the tax to be paid after filling in the IMEI of your mobile and other necessary personal details.

After selecting Connect IPS for payment, payment can be made using any payment service provider’s application by scanning the displayed QR code. The mobile will be registered within one hour after successful payment.

How to check if your mobile is registered in MDMS system?

First of all, you can go to Nepal Telecommunication Authority’s MDMS portal and enter the IMEI number of your mobile in the box on the left side saying ‘See if your mobile’s IMEI is registered in MDMS’ and check whether the mobile is registered.

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