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Until a few years ago, business accounts had to be kept in the books. If you turn your back to look for someone’s account, sometimes it was difficult to find it. The account book kept in the trunk was not even safe.


There were many possibilities like being eaten by rats, torn, lost, burnt. At that time there was no digital technology like it is now. With the passage of time technology evolved and everything started to be kept in software.

Lately, every service has started to be available online. Along with services, businesses are also becoming digital. Businesses that used to keep their accounting books on paper are now starting to keep their accounting books on software. There are many software available in the market for this. One such software is ‘tig’

About 2 years ago, BIC Technology released the cloud-based software Tig. This website and mobile app Both ways can be used.

Prarthana Shakh, co-founder and chief business officer of Tig, said that Tig was launched to facilitate small and medium enterprises (MMEs).

There were a lot of accounting and inventory management software abroad, but there was not much in Nepal. However, it was difficult to use,’ she said to ICITY news, ‘in such a situation, we have started a tag together with charted accountants, management and engineering groups to ensure that there should be software in Nepal that can be easily used by all businesses.’

Although the practice of keeping accounts in the app is old abroad, it was just flourishing in Nepal. Businesses were going digital. The Corona epidemic forced many businesses and services to go digital.

At that time, a group of energetic young people who were working in accounting, management and engineering and had a desire to do something in the country saw a problem in accounting digitization. After that, the prayerful team started to create an app that takes business accounting and inventory to digital. Then ‘Tig’ was born.

Tig is not a new software that digitizes business accounting books. Even before that, software was available in the market. But if that software only ran on a desktop, it was very difficult to use it. If Tig ended this problem, it could be used easily from desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet by any means.

She says that the branch can be used easily even by people who do not know Tig Debit Credit. ‘Tig is easy to use. A person who has not studied accounting can easily use it. Even people who don’t know debit and credit can use TIG,’ she says confidently, ‘We have designed TIG so that it can be used easily.’

You can do accounting work, manage inventory from Tig. TIG is a software certified by the Department of Internal Revenue. Therefore, the work of e-billing can also be done from this.

In Tig, you can also take a photo of the book to calculate the old wheel, which is not available in other apps. Day, month and year sales data can be viewed on the dashboard. 41 different reports can be generated from Tig.
She remembers that it was very difficult to explain TIG to businesses in the beginning.

‘Initially, there was a problem in explaining the business about TIG. At that time, they used to keep accounting books on a desktop or on a desktop,’ says Prarthana, recalling the days of the past, ‘at that time, it was very difficult to understand that accounting books can be kept through websites and mobile phones. But gradually you started to understand.’

Co-Founder Branch

There are three packages of Tig. First standard, second professional and third enterprise. The standard package is prepared for small businesses. Its price is fixed at 20 thousand rupees per year.

Unlimited users and storage facilities are available in this package. Up to 1000 products can be kept in inventory in standard package and 10000 transactions can be done in one financial year.

The second package, i.e. Professional, is prepared for medium businessmen. It also has unlimited user and storage facilities. An inventory of up to 2500 products can be kept and 25000 transactions can be done in a financial year. The price of the professional package is fixed at 32 thousand rupees per year.

Similarly, another enterprise package has been prepared targeting large corporate houses. Its price will be decided based on the required facilities.

The company has been providing free online training and 24-hour support services to customers. If a business has to be registered with the Internal Revenue Department for e-billing, then the fee has to be paid only once.

TIG is an ISO 270012013 certified organization. In the beginning, customers were very concerned about data security. She also said that some of them keep the server themselves.

‘Tig is completely safe. We are an ISO certified company,’ she said, ‘All the data of TIG is encrypted. From infrastructure to software, we have adopted different levels of security systems.’

So far, more than 700 companies are using TIG, of which 50 percent are from Kathmandu Valley and 50 percent are from outside Kathmandu.

More than 4000 users are actively running TIG every day. The number of TIG membership renewals is also 95 percent.

She said that the response of the companies that have used it so far has been positive. She goes on to say, ‘Rather than being 100 percent satisfied, it’s like telling a lie. Many users have given positive feedback. Someone said that it would be better if there were more features. We are working to make TIG better by incorporating their suggestions.’

If you are a businessman and want to take Tig, you can visit Tig’s website or call 9801236609 to book a demo.

You can use TIG by creating a demo account from the website. Apart from this, the company has also provided the facility of free trial for 15 days.

Shakh told that TIG is also contributing to the creation of Digital Nepal. “The role of software like TIG is important in building Digital Nepal,” she said, “TIG is digitizing the small and medium businesses of Nepal.” This is also a part of Digital Nepal.’

Tig also received the Public Choice Award in 2022. Prarthana says that the ICITY award has further inspired him to work in this field.

On occasion, when skilled manpower goes abroad in search, its effect is beginning to be seen in Nepal. At the initial stage, TIG also faced a shortage of skilled manpower. Currently, 30-35 people including developers are working in Tig.

Praying that TIG has moved forward with plans to digitize small and medium businesses across Nepal.

It is planned to spread throughout Nepal by 2027. By that time, we will create a strong base in Nepal,’ she says, ‘After 2027, we are also ready to go abroad. Accordingly, we are working to make TIG even stronger.’

The company said that it will add new modules to Tig in the coming years. With the aim of digitizing the business from village to village, the company is giving Tig software free of cost to the businessmen and agricultural entrepreneurs of Karnali.

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