Village municipality service disrupted due to lack of electricity and internet

Village municipality service disrupted due to lack of electricity and internet

The service of Dhawalagiri village municipality of the district has been disrupted due to lack of electricity and internet. At the end of the fiscal year, electricity, mobile phones and internet were cut off in Muna, the center of the village municipality, causing problems to the service recipients and embarrassing the people’s representatives and employees.

The landslide along with the rains has cut the electricity poles, lines and internet fibers, affecting administrative, financial and other works. Wireless technology internet has been shut down after lightning damaged Nepal Telecom’s tower on Mudi hill.

In the first week of July, the central transmission line was connected to the village municipality office. Electricity and internet services were cut off in Muna, the center of the village municipality, from last Monday.

As it is not possible to build it immediately, he has started working at the office of Ward No. 7 in Tak. Chief Administrative Officer Gopal Sharma said that he had to do financial and administrative work as there was no other option.

“Internet and electricity are needed to do everything from exchanging important information to accounting. We waited for three days, “he said.” We have come to work as soon as it is seen that there will be no electricity and internet maintenance. “

Administrative Officer Sharma, Accounts Officer Krishna Kharal and eight employees of Accounts, Administration and Technical Branch were present on Friday. Muna has returned after completing his work. Six people are working in the ward office building.

Paying for plans and programs at the end of the fiscal year puts a lot of pressure on administrative work. Lack of essential infrastructure has caused problems for employees and service recipients. There was a problem delivering the documents and making them inconsistent.

Although there was an alternative arrangement of electricity in Takam, there was no regular internet till Sunday. Employees have said that it has been very difficult to work even though it has become easier after the 4G started running from the tech and mobile data of the TechMint company.

Village Municipality Chairperson Thamsara Pun said that they had ordered from Pokhara to repair the tower damaged by the lightning. रासस


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