What is Geek Squad Email Scam? Here’s how to avoid it

Have you received an email from Geek Squad asking you to confirm a transaction you haven’t yet made? If you have received such an email, wait, it may be a scam.


Although he does not do any business, Geek Squad sends an email saying that he has done business from his account. In that case, the email may not be genuine but a scam.

What is Geek Squad Email Scam?

Geek Squad Scam is an email scam. Where cybercriminals send fake emails claiming to be dealing with a multinational electronics company, Geek Squad. In this, there is an email of subscription renewal or order transaction with information unknown to the recipient.

Also, the scammer keeps details like fake invoice number, renewal date and order details to make the concerned person trust. The scammer has also put his number in the email to help with the order.

As soon as they see an email with a large transaction, the concerned person panics. Call the number given in the email to get information about the transaction or to cancel it.

And the scammer makes you fill some forms. Because the ultimate goal of cyber crime is to extort as much money as possible from the victim.

How does this scam work?

When you call the number in the email, the scammer says that the transaction was made through your account. The scammer says that the order can be canceled by making a fool of the concerned person, even if the transaction is not done. The recipient of the email is ready to do as the scammer says.

The scammer asks the recipient for personal details. But real companies do not ask for your credit card details, social security number, etc. over the phone.

Scammers don’t stop there. They say that the recipient cannot cancel the subscription and they have to use the computer to cancel. And with the help of the victim, they access the computer remotely.

After the scammer gets access to the computer, he sees how far he can scam. And they do big business from the bank. They put malicious software on the computer and ask for support or transaction cancellation fees.

How to avoid geek scam?

When you receive an email from Geek Squad, decide if it is your business or not. Do not send your personal details via email or any other means. Do not reply to such email and the number given in it.

Do not click on unnecessary links and do not download attachments. Warn everyone about the scam. Do not forward such email.

If you share a computer and use it, block the email so that other people can avoid this scam.

What to do if you fall into a scam?

If you fall for the Geek Squad email scam, here’s what to do.

१. Don’t listen to or follow the scammer’s words and methods.
२. Block the scammer’s email or number.
३. If you have given your personal data or credit card, you can call the bank and get your account frozen.
४. If you have downloaded any related software or file on your computer, check your computer because there is a possibility of a virus. ५. Do not use your login details on multiple accounts If you have logged in with the email provided by the scammer, please change your login details.
६. Scammers often record from webcams, so your webcam can be closed.

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