A new college to teach IT has started in Australia with the investment of Nepalese

A new college has been started in Australia for teaching higher education with the investment of Nepalese too. Vocational college in Australia ‘I. i. E.’ ‘Churchhill Institute of Higher Education’ has been started with the joint investment of Nepali and Australian citizens including Sagar Lohani, who is also running it.


Lohani said that under Bachelors in Business, IT, Accounts, Management and Hospitality will be taught in the college.

College in Kathmandu, ‘How can the international education of Australia affect the educational system of Nepal?’ He organized an interview about that.

In the program, Master Chef Santosh Shah said that he has recently found the attraction of Nepali students in Australia.

He said that while Nepal is becoming a country based on tourism, it has been found that the number of people studying in the hotel and hospitality sector in Australia is increasing. He said that not only in Australia but also in other countries, there has been a wave of studies in the field of hospitality in recent times.

He said that there is a lot of potential for SAFE studies in recent times, ‘looking at the past 10/15 years that I have been working, the demand for SAFE in the hospitality sector is high, so there are many opportunities in it.’

He emphasized on the need to study the hospitality sector in Australia and make good use of it in Nepal. He said, ‘Nepal was an agricultural country in the past. Now it is gradually becoming a tourism base country. In this situation, there are many possibilities in the hospitality sector.’

Master Chef Shah studied at Churchhill Institute and said that he wants to see master chefs like him and better than him produced in the future. He said, ‘I believe that by studying at Churchhill Institute, I will see a master chef like me and better than me in the future.’

In the program, Parliamentarian of the House of Representatives, Pradeep Paudel, said that he should be ready to go to any country in order to improve his education and skills. He said, ‘There is something to gain knowledge. In the world of globalization, people have to go where it is convenient to compete with the world. I believe that no nationality should interfere in this.’

He said that even if skills are developed abroad, institutes should encourage them to return to Nepal. ‘We can learn a lot from Australia’s agriculture, technology, government or governance system,’ he said.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Dean Associate Professor Michael Simer of Churchhill Institute said that if the environment for working in Nepal is created after the students study in Australia, then Nepal can not ‘brain drain’ but ‘brain gain’.

Sagar Lohani, the college director, said that Churchhill is committed to improving the future of students in the program. Lohani, who is also the chief executive officer of the International Institute of Education ‘IIE’, expressed his belief that Nepal can benefit from Australia’s international education system.

During the interaction program, Christina Lodrecht, head of marketing at Churchhill Institute of Higher Education, said that she was very happy to meet the experts in the education sector of Nepal at the same program. She said that they are very interested in providing higher education to Nepali students in Australia.

Prakash Pandey, president of Education Consultancy Association of Nepal (ICAN), said in the program that the IIE College, which is run by the investment of Nepalis, has won the hearts of the students in a short period of time.

He said, ‘In a short time, the IIE College, which was opened with the investment of Nepalis, has made progress, Churchill College has been started by their team. We believe that Churchill will be successful in the same way.’

In the program, former president of Education Consultancy Association of Nepal (ECAN) and Head of Australia Department, Bishnuhari Pandey said that the international education system is becoming stronger recently.

‘The main thing is to be accountable to the society. The college should help in building the future of the students. This college has not failed in that. Because of this, I have gained trust in a short period of time,’ he said.

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