Write @highlight Nepali in the comments to know if the Facebook ID is safe or not!

Kathmandu. It has been found that Nepali users are tricked into knowing whether their account is safe or not by writing @highlight in Facebook comments. Facebook pages opened for entertainment spread confusion by saying that it is possible to know that the account is not secure just by commenting like this.

If you search for 'Facebook's new wonder' on the social network Facebook, you can see that many Facebook pages have such a post with a photo of Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta. “Facebook's new wonder, go to comments and write @ first, then highlight highlight,” the post reads, “If the highlight text is blue, you know your ID is strong and can't be hacked easily.”

Apart from that, if the highlighted comment on that post is not blue, it is said that the user has not followed the account. If the letter does not appear blue after following, it is said to share the post. Even then, if the comment is not blue, it seems that they are spreading falsehood that the account is unsafe.

Some people have expressed doubt on those posts and some are commenting by writing highlights to check whether the account is safe or not. When this happens, social media users are easily fooled and follow such misleading pages in the name of keeping their accounts safe.

What happens when writing a @highlight comment?

@highlight and @follower are features that came to Facebook only recently. Highlight is a tag that informs people with ads about any post.

For example, if you comment @highlight on a post, that post will reach your friends. Similarly, if you have written a comment with the @Follower tag, the post will reach the account that follows you. Some will know that you have been mentioned through a notification, while others will see it in their feed.

You can use this tag if you have a sensitive post or if you want to inform a person or a follower about a post. It seems that Facebook pages have adopted this method to increase their followers.

Do you know if the account is safe when writing a highlight comment?

No, writing a comment does not mean that you will know whether the account is safe or not. Earlier, false information was spread that put your Facebook password in the comments, if ****** comes, the account is safe, if not, it is not safe. Many users gave their passwords by believing such information. As a result, the number of hacked accounts increased.

According to the cyber security analyst, those who have commented to find out if their Facebook account is secure by writing comments like this, their accounts may also be hacked. “When they know that they are commenting by believing something so common, the scammer knows their weakness,” said a cyber security analyst, “It seems that the scammer can take over the account by sending a friend request by seeing the same comment.”

These pages make fun of Facebook's security features

It seems that various security features introduced to keep users safe on social networks are being made fun of. Especially mentioning the users of features like account private, profile guard and profile lock, trolling is found from such pages.

After making fun of such features, some people turn them off even if they have used them. Some people look at the users of such features in a different way.

Is there a way to know if a Facebook account is secure?

Facebook has not introduced any feature to know whether the account is safe or not. However, users can find out whether their Facebook account is secure or not by adopting various methods. A feature called 'Privacy Checkup' is available for that.

To learn more about that feature click here you can do Change your password from time to time to keep your Facebook account secure. Turn on Two Factor Authentication.

By doing so, even if someone else gets the password, they cannot login to the account until they enter the OTP code or recovery code that came to your device. Link the email address you have to the account. So that even after the account has been hacked, it can be brought back.

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