Young Scientist Bania Nepali Representative at the ‘World Bank Group Youth Conference 2021’

Young Scientist Bania Nepali Representative at the ‘World Bank Group Youth Conference 2021’

Young scientist Nischal Bania has been selected as the Nepali representative of the World Bank Group Youth Conference 2021. The two-day program will be aired on May 10 and 11.

The conference is part of the World Bank Group’s largest volunteer organization, the Youth-to-Youth Network. The Youth-to-Youth Network is working on youth empowerment.

The World Bank Group has been organizing conferences since 2013 to address the various challenges faced by youth at the international level, to empower youth, engage them in effective projects, and encourage interaction between youth, the World Bank Group and other stakeholders.

Organized under the slogan ‘Resilient Recovery for People and Planets’, the conference will feature sessions on various topics and competitive activities.

Participants will also have the opportunity to discuss issues related to climate change and seek advice from experts from the World Bank Group on related issues.

The event will be attended by Dr. Sandy Okoro, Senior Vice President of the World Bank Group, David Kakajan, Environmental Economist of the World Bank, and Jayathma Vikramanayake, Ambassador to the United Nations Secretary-General for Youth.

Baniya Bagmati is the Chief Executive Officer of the UNESCO Club. He applied for the conference on the recommendation of the club


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