YouTube eliminates the Library tab from its platform

Google-owned YouTube is testing a redesign of its mobile Android app. According to a new report, Google is preparing to remove the library tab at the bottom of the YouTube app.


According to reports, the company is replacing the Library tab with a new U tab. Many other big changes can also be seen in the new tab.

YouTube will remove your profile avatar in the top-right corner and bring it down with some updates. App settings are accessed from the gear icon which is only visible on this page, and can be accessed faster than before.

Major changes to the YouTube Music app

YouTube Music has redesigned its Now Playing screen with a new Comment feature, which allows users to read and write comments directly from the app.

The redesign has been rolled out globally for iOS and Android devices. A new comment button shows existing comments from official music videos. YouTube Music users can also type their own content, which looks more attractive in the app.

You will be able to find your favorite songs on YouTube by humming. YouTube is testing a feature that will allow users to search for songs by humming on the platform. We are currently testing the feature to search for songs on YouTube by humming or recording the currently playing song.

If you are a YouTube Premium subscriber and want to use this feature, you can toggle the new song search feature from YouTube Music Search. Then hum or record the song you are looking for for three plus seconds to identify the song.

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