Online Money in Nepal – A short note on how to make money in Nepal

Today I gonna share you some tips ans tricks to make Online Money in Nepal. If you have searched more in the internet but haven’t got good way to earn money in Nepal through online or via internet then now I am going to share you some ideas on How to make money online in Nepal? Below are methods how you can earn money online in Nepal fast and in easy method.

You can earn money online in Nepal through Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Data Entry Jobs, Google Adsense, Freelance Jobs and many others methods. Please have a try. I will surely share focusing on each topics such as making money via Facebook, Twitter and others in later days.

14 thoughts on “Online Money in Nepal – A short note on how to make money in Nepal

  1. Hello rabinsxp. I have a new blog and i want to monetize it but i am not ready for adsense. Can you suggest me some of the alternatives. I applied for infolinks and clicksor and got approves and i will be using it. Can we get money in nepal from them.

  2. Dear earner, I simply don't use Clicksor and Infolinks as they seems to be lamb on Nepalese sites. Rather there are other ads for publishers like Adbrite & Smwotion. They at least send you some bucks through checks/wire or paypal.

    But as you told, your site is not ready for adsense, this means you need to upgrade your site/blog… Maintain good SEO as it helps to increase web traffic.

    According to, "More traffics means making bucks". Adsense pays you the most. So maintain quality contents, gain traffic and apply for adsense.

    Nevertheless, you can also earn money in Nepal by Blogging, Affiliate
    Marketing, Data Entry Jobs, Freelance Jobs and many more.

    Soon our very one would be providing ads for websites & blogs.

  3. Did you mean that merolog will soon be a adsense like site for nepali bloggers?
    I tried smowtion but it says not available in your country
    and paypal doesnt work in nepal and checks are very lousy and isnt there a service that pays through western union , or some card(debit)

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