We and the Pets

My Cat Kali

We love our pets and they also love us. There is a kind of emotional bonding between us and the pets even they don’t speak to a human but show that they really like us by licking us or by shaking tails or rounding over us repeatedly. Since we have adopted those animals and birds as pets then we should take care of them. If we don’t care for them then they might die of hunger/starvation or diseases. Our pets love us very much and they expect being loved in return.

Pets are those animals and birds that we keep in our homes for guarding purposes or for our interest. Since the ancient time, people are keeping pets to make their life comfortable in the sense that in past human use dogs for hunting and nowadays for different investigations. Nowadays people keep cats, dogs, ducks, parrots, etc as pets in their homes. Their habits and way of living have been changed. For example, a wildcat in a jungle hunts other animals for food but a pet cat says meow only for milk or food. Similarly, a parrot in the Savanna Grassland of Africa has its own way of flying in open air or nature but a parrot in your home stays 356 days in a cage and it even seems as speaking for a human. It is all about adaptation It is very true that if anybody migrates from his/her country to another land or country then his/her way of living also changes gradually. So the same principle applies to the birds and animals.

I had got some real experiences from my then pet cat. When I was in the village of Parbat district, I used to have a cat as my pet. Her name was “Kali”. I used to love her very much more than my any friends in Parbat. I used to sleep with her and enjoyed playing with her. One day when Kali was playing in the courtyard a tiger came and I suddenly ran to escape her from there before the tiger could catch her. I shouted aloud and the tiger ran away but the tiger already had scratched Kali’s back with its paw. Although, Kali ran inside the home and I saw she was shivering, might be she was afraid. While I was trying to put her in my lap I saw some blood coming from her back. After then I washed her back with clean water and applied some toothpaste on the wound. At that time I have heard somewhere that applying toothpaste prevents infections. It was already getting late and I went to sleep.

Next day I wake up early in the morning even before the rustling of the cook. I saw that Kali was ill and tears were in her eyes and that really made me cry. I was worried for her.  On the same morning, I was planning to take her to the veterinary but I forget to take her to the veterinary as I was busy in my computer projects. But on the evening of the same day, I rushed to the veterinary but it was already late and it was closed at 4 P.M. I returned back home sadly. The next morning Kali was dead and I compelled me to remember the moments of joys being with her, playing with her. Those flashbacks made me cry and I couldn’t stop the tears rolling down through my eyes. I became restless and was thinking all day long if I had taken her to veterinary in time she would have been cured and be playing with me. Unfortunately, I lost her forever and all the moments spend with her are only limited on my memory. At last, I want to ask one question. Pets really need us more than we need them, what do you think?

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