Miss You Nepali Movie, About Nepali Miss You Movie 2012

Miss You, the word itself reflects that you are lacking someone or
someone’s love and affections or same kind. Now lets enter to the Nepali
movie "Miss You" directly and try to find out something about this
movie. Last two weeks ago "Miss You Premier Show" was sucessfully held
in Qatar with lots of positive response or comments from the people
there. Now "Miss You" has been released allover Nepal last friday. This
movie was produced by the actor Dilip Raymajhi himself.
I am eagar to watch this Miss You Nepali Movie because Namrata Shrestha,
one of my favourite actress has came back in this movie. After playing
in the movie "Mero Euta Sathi Chha" she was not working with any other
films. When Mero Euta Sathi Chha was releasing at that time Namrata
Shrestha’s sex scandal or video was spread allover the internet and I
also remember my friends sharing Namrata’s Sex MMS of Dj Tantrik. I want
to add a short here. I don’t mind. It’s her personal life and she is
doing great in her professional life. That’s why Namrata Shrestha is
still one of my best actress in Nepali Cinema Industry. It is expected
that "Miss You" will help Namrata to re-rise in the filmy line or
Most of the shooting part was done at Malyasia. In this movie, Dilip
Raymajhi along with new actor Barun Rana had played vital role. At least
I can guess the movie directed by Suresh Darpan Pokhrel has tri-angled
love story because there are 2 lead actors and only 1 lead actress. Once
in an interview, the director, Suresh Darpan Pokhrel had told that the
movie would be explanning the story of three friends.
In my openion, the songs and music, acting of actor/actress and
especially the location of shooting would be in the viewers choice.
"Miss You", Nepali movie carries the defination of love as the movie was
released in the seasons of love.
If you are missing somebody else then do not forget to watch this Nepali
Love Story Movie. RabinsXp miss you all of my friends and the visitors
of this site and best of luck to the entire team of Miss You Movie.

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