Nepal Bandha, Strike in Nepal, Kathmandu Strike

By | February 8, 2012
This a short news by Rabins Sharma Lamichhane of the article titled “Valley Bandh Passes off Peacefully except for the few Incidents“.
We have seen that many general people (especially of Kathmandu) are doing strike against hike in petroleum prices which has been crippling the life in the Kathmandu Valley. According to the news published in various newspapers, the main people responsible for strike or bandh are Thirteen Student Unions and Eight Youths Associations affiliated to various political parties including All Nepal National Independent Student Union-Revolutionary of the ruling party UCPN – Maoist and Youth Force of UM.
The article states that due to the strike or bandha, public and private transportation come to a grinding halt in the valley. And the market, academic institutions, industries and some offices were also forced to pull their shutters down. Since few months I am also observing the public strikes or Nepal Bandha and personally found the bandha was largely peaceful. Even thought it was a strike, Ambulances and vehicles belonging to red-cross, press, diplomatic mission, tourist services and human organizations were allowed to run, though vehicles going outside the Kathmandu Valley and entering it were stranded. Now-a-days, I also feel that the security system of Nepal Government is improving in the sense that at the recent Nepal bandha ,a large number of security personnel were deployed at every junction in the valley to prevent any unwanted incident. But still security lacks. Recently there was a minor scuffle between the students and security personal at Pashupati Multiple Campus, Chabahil when the former were attempting to vandalize a taxi.
  According to the police and news published in The Himalayan Times (THT), students vandalized four vehicles – a taxi (BA 1 JA 246) at Chabahil, a bus (RZ 20P 4226), at Satdobato, a van (BA 1 GA 2267) at Bhaktapur and  a truck (BA 4KHA 3937) at Jagate, Bhaktapur. The police also arrested three agitators from Khasi Bazaar, two from Lainchaur, one from Balaju and one from Sat dobato for vandalism. Yes, due to such activities of Nepal police the student do not like them but sometimes they are afraid of them and they run away saying “Danthe Ayo Bhag“. It sounds funny but to the some extent it has discourage the students to participate in the strike.

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