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It has be almost one week that one song was splashing inside my brainbox
and it seems that I was enjoying the jingle every moment. Also, that
sound was playing with my lips. Ha! You guys might be thinking what I
am going to share with you. But I don’t think so because you guys are
smart enough to know from the title of the post. Yes I am talking about
the Ncell Jingle that is rocking with me this days. From the day I
listened "I am Ncell" jingle on the radio. I loved this ringtone and I
am singing as a song this day.
You can also download and listen I am Ncell Jingle by Ncell.
www.ncell.com.np/sites/default/files/I am Ncell.mp3 (For newbie to
Ncell, Ncell is a telecommunication provider in Nepal).

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